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[ROM][ZTE Skate - Android 2.3.5] H3 Blues (Official Dolby Audio)

Guest H3ROS

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Guest H3ROS

post-954400-0-27151800-1337034925_thumb. post-954400-0-66865900-1337034937_thumb. post-954400-0-08172100-1337034950_thumb. post-954400-0-98356600-1337034960_thumb.


C3C0, Tillaz, KonstaT, CM7 devs, XDA users and anyone who's shared code and supports Android.

Details and notable changes when compared to the stock Orange UK ROM:

  • Based on OUK_P743TV1.0.0B25
  • Themed and rooted
  • All Orange UK branding has been removed
  • Using the SmartassH3 CPU governor (governor made by me, S2 kernel by C3CO)
  • Changed the Adreno libs to increase 3D performance
  • Enabled GPU rendering
  • Disabled the scrolling cache
  • Low CPU float-point score has been fixed (compared to stock)
  • Added WCDMA (preferred) as a network mode
  • Added an option to disable low battery notifications
  • Updated all of the system applications e.g. Play Store, Gmail, YouTube.
  • Updated the hosts file and APN's
  • The framework has been optimized
  • The APKs have been deodexed, resigned, optimized and zipaligned
  • Busybox, bash and init.d support
  • Ad hoc support
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) support
  • RTL language support (Arabic, Hebrew etc.)
  • Fixed some text strings for various languages
  • 1% battery information
  • Swipe to clear notifications
  • Power controls
  • Soft keys
  • Equalizer
  • Overclocking
  • Proximity sensor calibration
  • Performance scripts
  • 15 volume steps with lockscreen music controls (hold volume up or down to go to the next or previous track)
  • Modified dialler and contacts
  • Custom made bubble style messaging application
  • A modified version of GO Launcher EX
  • Status bar brightness control
  • Volume key cursor controls

    And other little things.


    v1.1 - Fixed the dialer

    v1.1 - Fixed some theme related issues
    v1.1 - Cleaned up the ROM in general
    v1.2 - Fixed "Use as ringtone" in the music player
    v1.2 - Updated the file manager
    v1.3 - Redone all memory, kernel, cache, system, battery and TCP tweaks
    v1.3 - Cleaned up the systems framework
    v1.3 - Fixed a bug that caused some of the widget buttons to go missing from the notification menu
    v1.3 - Corrected and cleaned up a few images
    v1.3 - Removed the "power controls" app as I found out it has been modified and is not free
    v1.3 - Link2SD, APN's and the hosts file have all been updated
    v1.4 - Fixed some Russian text strings and the text colour of bluetooth notifications
    v1.4 - Updated the hosts file, file manager, Link2SD, Play Store and Youtube
    v1.4 - Changed Superuser to SuperSU (includes su and busybox updates)
    v1.4 - Created a custom bubble style messaging application
    v1.5 - Updated some system applications and included the new Google Play Services application
    v1.5 - Updated the hosts file and APN's
    v1.5 - Added Dolby Settings as a shortcut for when you don't use the stock music application
    v1.5 - Changed the kernel to the S2 kernel by C3C0 and added a boot animation
    v1.5 - Changed some settings which should further improve battery life and speed
    v1.6 - Updated the kernel and added a new custom CPU governor titled "SmartassH3" which is designed to save battery
    v1.6 - Fixed an issue where radio buttons were sometimes too close together
    v1.6 - Further modified GO Launcher EX (removed some icons and disabled extra services, tracking and the welcome guide)
    v1.6 - Cleaned up some files and permissions
    v1.6 - Updated Google Play Store
    v1.7 - Resigned the ROM (you can't upgrade due to this sorry)
    v1.7 - Removed the useless blacklist option for unknown callers (it didn't ever work)
    v1.7 - Themed and fixed the email client
    v1.7 - Added soft keys support based on KonstaT's CyanogenMod port
    v1.7 - Updated the kernel to support newer TRULY replacement LCD's
    v1.7 - Updated my post-boot script to handle other governors, should someone change the kernel
    v1.7 - Built in support for right to left languages
    v2.0 - I've rebuilt the whole ROM. It's now based on the OUK_P743TV1.0.0B25 stock ROM
    v2.0 - Added WCDMA (preferred) as a network mode
    v2.0 - Added Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) support
    v2.0 - The framework has been further optimized (images changed, optimized and some text strings fixed)
    v2.0 - Tweaked my performance script
    v2.0 - Removed the Bravia Engine as it didn't work (libs were for ARMv7)
    v2.0 - I've gone back to 15 volume steps instead of 100 as it works better for the lockscreen volume controls
    v2.0 - Fixed in-car bluetooth (this is unconfirmed)
    v2.0 - Updated SuperSU and Play Store
    v2.0 - Added an optional signal boost addon for Orange UK customers
    v2.1 - Fixed a carrier label bug found in the stock Orange UK framework (Thanks Ecki1979 for testing)
    v2.1 - Added an option to fully disable low battery alerts
    v2.1 - Modified how the kernel version information is displayed
    v2.1 - Updated SuperSU and YouTube
    v2.2 - Enabled Dalvik class verification (Fixes apps such as Poweramp)
    v2.2 - Fixed a bug in SystemUI and GO Launcher EX so that they work with class verification enabled
    v2.2 - Themed the Talk app
    v2.2 - Updated Play Store and the hosts file
    v2.2 - Tweaked my init.d script to allow Android to log some information (fixes some warnings)
    v2.2 - Increased JPEG image quality to 100%

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/rmn435 (open in a new tab)

    2.0 or 2.1 to 2.2 update:
    http://www.sendspace.com/file/w2ehum (open in a new tab)

    Updatable GO Launcher EX
    Remove equalizer
    Orange UK Singal Boost
    Car Home, Maps & Street View

    How to fresh install:

    • Wipe data/factory reset
    • Wipe the Dalvik cache
    • Go to mounts and storage and format /system
    • Select to install a zip from the SD card and locate H3 Blues

    How to update:

    [*]Select to install a zip from the SD Card and locate the H3 Blues update

    [*]Wipe the cache

    [*]Wipe the Dalvik cache


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Guest H3ROS

Known issues:

  • If you use the EQ at all then it may crash after a while. It's an application bug and not a ROM bug.

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Guest H3ROS

Thanks. As I've said it's mainly just theme tweaks to be made as that's the hardest part to it, but I need peoples opinions as to what needs to be changed. For example the dialer buttons could maybe be improved and maybe people would like the popup borders to be a little more visable. However, having said that when I previously made the popup borders blue I felt it was too striking.

One of the minor things I think people will like is the wallpapers. In most ROM's I've used the default wallpapers were always poor and I think I've included a good selection.

If anyone does have anything they don't like then it'd be great if you could take a screenshot of it or make some suggestions. For example maybe you think the blue used when you push on options is too strong, so suggest another shade of blue or point to one used somewhere else in the ROM. Without this information it'd be very hard to improve things because unlike other ROM's this has a unique theme and isn't based on anything.


Put in a good set of headphones, disable Dolby, go to headset settings and then enable audio modifications and set the volume level anywhere between 4 to 15 ;) Be very careful if you do this with the phones speaker as I take no responsibility for any damages it may cause.

The ROM is very optimized and geared towards people who want better audio, but I think it's also the best performing Android 2.3.5 ROM.

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Guest manny0123

1st impression is very good. It looks great and love the wallpapers. Now I will see how I get on with it thanx H3ROS

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Guest H3ROS

I think I might change the dialer a little in the next release and I may also look into making the option selected blue (when you hold your finger down) blend a little better with the blue used in titles.

@ bluestation

The SMS/MMS application adapts to the system theme automatically and you can set it to black if you want via its options. Same goes for contacts, but I'm not happy with the bottom 3 dialer buttons.

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Guest MadQuaker

Thanks man. This ROM is great. Smooth animations and everything, nice colours. Today test battery life, and if it proves good, it will be my new ROM.

[sorry for my english]

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Guest H3ROS

@ MadQuaker

Thanks for testing, a lot of times gone into it :)

@ XMasterNinni

Porting tool? :D I don't think you can actually use Dolby, can you? I suppose the EQ I've included would make up for that though.

I might release an update tomorrow which will address a few theme related issues. It depends if I get everything done.

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Guest dibbles

I loved the 1.4 version (and the previous ones) of your AtomICS Rom and so I will back that up and give this a try.

I really enjoyed the lock screen on your last ROM, hopefully that will be the same.

Thanks for the new ROM.

What theme related issues are you noting that you will want to fix, are you referring to the bottom three dialler buttons...?

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Guest TouchyAndalou

I'm testing a few different ROMs at the moment and have only played with this one for a very short while, but since you're working on an update and wanted feedback, I thought I'd share a couple of first impressions. :)

Overall, the theme looks really nice and it's quite simple, which I think is a good thing. I'm not a fan of the up/down arrows on the network strength icon, because the rest of the status bar icons are plain and quite blocky, and those arrows stand out as different. It's not a big deal though. I'm also not 100% sold on the battery icon, as I prefer the vertical one with the numerical value next to it, although that's obviously personal preference and chances are I'll get used to it soon enough.

Most of the theme matches up really well, although I think the progress wheel when you're downloading something from the Playstore is a bit too strongly coloured and immediately stands out.

I probably would have prefered to have volume+ as a standalone app rather than integrated into the settings. This is again mainly personal preference, and I wouldn't be suprised if I'm in the minority here. It does look good how you've done it, but it's nice being able to "fully" remove apps you don't want from a ROM. It's one of the reasons I'd choose this ROM over Atomic, which has several other features I'm not bothered about like the font engine and the lockscreen thingy, but if I remove them I've still got a cluttered settings menu with buttons for apps that no longer exist. But like I said, that's just me and I can certainly see why you'd want to ingerate it into your ROM.

Anyway, I hope this didn't come across as nit-picking, it's just a couple of small thoughts, because honestly, this ROM is looking really, really good.

*edit* Oh, one other thing is that the increasing of the sound in one point increments is a bit annoying, amirite? LOL again it's probably just me, but I think going up in steps of 2 or 3 would be better, and would be easier on the poor old hardware buttons.

Edited by TouchyAndalou
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Guest H3ROS

@ dibbles

When you select options from a menu I feel the blue is too strong and different. I've since made that softer and it blends in with the rest of the theme rather well :) My other issues with the dialer buttons (add contact, call and delete). They just don't blend in well with the theme and if you adjust the left action button then it screws things up.

@ TouchyAndalou

That's exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for as it gives me things to think about.

The network arrows was something I wasn't keen on at first, but as I used it more it started to grow on me. I guess I just had to get it out of my mind as to how other ROM's were doing it, and the same goes for the battery. I've always liked a battery bar with a figure next to it, but having the bar turn into a battery icon and still contain the battery percentage is something else that's grown on me too.

The progress wheel I could make white, but the reason I haven't is because some applications may use the frameworks progress wheel on a white background. I'll try some things though :)

One of the things I try to do is to remove the bloat from a ROM and then I'll keep just the essentials. I made the EQ an exception because it does add something to the ROM, it's only 71KB and it's a "selling" point for the ROM. You could also say it's essential for the Blade port as I don't think that can use Dolby at all. However, I could offer an addon to remove the EQ and the settings entry for anyone who doesn't want it.

Audio steps is one of them debatable things. The advantage right now is that it gives you a wider audio range and rather than tapping the buttons you just hold them instead :P

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Guest dibbles

I agree with all of your comments above. I am really liking the ROM but the intensity and vividness of the blue is a little much.

Thanks for making this ROM, most appreciated :)

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Guest aamiel

I would love an addon to remove the equaliser as Dolby is good enough for me.

I also agree with touchyandalou about the volume steps. Less steps is better

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Guest dibbles

When I previously used the 1.4 version of the AtomICS ROM I could go into the dialler and use the call log to make a call from a previously dialled number without issue.

Trying to do the above with this ROM causes an error...

"The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly" and thus does not work.

EDIT: Just to make sure that all was well with my contacts etc I cleared the contacts data and storage and yet still the error occurs when trying to redial from the call log.

Edited by dibbles
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Guest H3ROS

@ dibbles

Weird. I just tried calling one of my giffgaff numbers, hung up and then went to the call log and redialed and that didn't error.

Anyone else getting this error?

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Guest dibbles

mmm - looked further. If I go under the call log and press a previously dialled contact it will FC with that error. But if I press the small green arrow icon to the right of each previously dialled contact then it will dial the number sometimes but mostly it will FC with the error.

I did not need to be that precise with the 1.4 ROM as it used to just bring up the dial window when pressed anywhere on that dialled contact BUT with much more detail and options...

I know that it did work like that as my wife still has the old version on and when you press the middle of the contact another window opens showing the option to call or send a text or view the contact. It will also give details of the outgoing or incoming call and its exact time and duration.

It is that window with all of that detail and options which is missing when using this ROM.

Edited by dibbles
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