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Which sort of future do prefer?

Guest adaptare

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Guest adaptare

Hey there

Check this out ..


If you have time, also watch this:


Why am I posting this? I just want a better world for every human being on earth. No wars, no Money, the unefficient cycle of the cyclical consuption which effects the nature and us in a bad way and the fact that we have to justify our life on the earth with work, else we would die. But there isnt enough work in in the monetary system.

Just watch it and think for yourself ... create your own thoughts about our world. Thats all.


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Guest adaptare

What a pile of NWO Marxist and New Age one world Government propaganda.

There i have thought for myself.

Why do you think so? Tell me the facts.

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Guest Andy725

No do your own research into the Marxist NWO, one world religion and one world Government. Your first post is to promote this new age theosophist agenda 21 trash. This is called spamming. One thing is for sure you won't have a Galaxy 2 when you have to pay for it with carbon credits and no physical money to buy one with LOL. Have you even googled zeitgiest and the NWO or United Nations yet? Have you even twigged why they are destroying the banking system, you have already won but you won't like the results.

You did say after all "think for yourself and create your own thoughts thats all" then when i have done so based on years of research and objective reality you ask me for "facts"? please decide on your real objectives here. You can't have it both ways.It seems i can't "think for myself and create my own thoughts" if they diifer from yours without challenge from you can i after all then.

Well indeed there are plenty of "facts" to dispute the zeitgeist agenda in the real world that are not subjective but are objective and observable which anyone can can research for themselves who is interested enough.

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Guest maniac_mouse

This guy had the right idea. Considering this was made 70 years ago, its unnerving how relevent this speech still is and how little we have changed.

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