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[GB] MIUI 2.4.9 RC1 (Real MIUI, Not mod)

Guest anarkill

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[2.3.7] MIUI 2.4.9 RC1 Stable [HUAWEI U8230/U8220] - CM 7.2 .32 kernel Based

Based on binary files from CM 7.2 32 kernel.

Porting from chinese SGA MIUI by angeecs.com

For the most part stable version.

Is not final, but - release candidate.

The speed of at CM 7.2, except for some places with a difficult animation (eg add widgets screen). When properly configured, it is really fast.

Known issues:

1) Do not complete english - in some places (in settings for example) Chinese parts.

2) Other small / not detected ...

Warning! If you are installing themes, please disable lockscreen change - otherwise it can become wider screen and you can not unlock the phone!





MIUI 2.4.9 RC1 Stable (sorry for russian link) (REUPLOAD)

Build with destruct0r's kernel and without chinese parts: http://depositfiles.com/files/chnvzmvrp

Based on P500 MIUI. Maybe it's better than chinese.

Install via CWR 2.5.x.x (which is green) making all wipe and format system!

Immediately after loading the lags and reports are that the Launcher and System do not respond. This is normal. If you have suddenly appeared a standard configuration manager Android - it is wildly buggy. Wait a minute or two, then many times often push the android, and then set aside five minutes for the phone. After 5 minutes the settings menu succesfully load and it will work.


1) How to put your APN?

Options -> Third tab -> The first paragraph of the second block

2) How do I get the red button as Home?

Settings -> second tab -> 4 points of the first block (the letter T on the icon), and we get to the Spare Parts. And there are already clear.

3) How to change the frequency of the processor (to find the settings CM7)?

Options -> Third tab -> Settings CyanogenMod

4) Themes don't work?

Via Root Explorer, go to the folder /data/system and create an empty folder "theme". You should have /data/system/theme. Reboot and set theme =) Reboot again and enjoy the theme. NOT PUT LOCKSCREEN!! When installing themes cancel it.

If you do not listen to me and used the theme for lockscreen and now can not unlock the phone - it is solely your fault and your problem. Do a complete wipe because otherwise no way!

All rights reserved Mydroid.by © Anarkill

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i manage to dl it but it was spanish mirror...

edit was a broken file :(

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Hm... File is correct. Maybe it is downloaded incorrect?

try this link http://www.mediafire...v4p1dxdk71jqcaf

thx .i deleted setup wizard in the zip before to flash ... so no problem...

how do you configure it to be fast?

this miui music player has a very very good sound...and volume is quite strong good quality sound(bass etc...)

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how do you configure it to be fast?

OC min 320 max 710. Disable compcache. Use 16bit transparency, 24 VM heap, Disable lock launcher im memory (in launhcer settings). In spare parts change all animation to "fast". Use parts of unstandart themes

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I'll post modded version that would fit.

Or you can edit the zip yourself. Just delete boot aniimation, some wallpapers, lockscreen bacgrounds, tts and something like that and it would fit.

Right now I'm testing something else, so can't post any info about this thing. Will test it soon.

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