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oc-2.3.6 stockrom B872-beats audio-uncap fps-by desalesouche

Guest desalesouche

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Guest desalesouche

2.3.6 Stock rom U8860V100R001CHNC00B872 assembled with oc boot.img for 2.3.6 stock rom. added some apps and tweaked it. better 2D+3D fps optimization for gamers... install and use no frills cpu to set cpu speed and governors...(OC POSSIBLE TO 2.1/stable for me at 1.8)

1/you must have recovery installed to flash this rom

link for recovery http://www.mediafire...eua423fpyz8qdj8


• Install HUAWEI_USB_driver the zip file to your PC

• Please that the phone is charged

• Unplug the USB connection and turn off the phone

• While holding both the volume + and volume - hold the power button to turn the power up screen presence pink / purple.

• Connect the USB cable to your computer and wait for some USB devices are detected and mounted. Look for one that has only one directory called "image". Browse this directory and see recovery.img.

• Rename recovery in recovery_backup

• copy the recovery of zip in the "image", close windows windows and remove the USB cable.

• Finally, remove the battery to turn off the phone.

While holding both volume + hold the power button to start the new recovery installed.



copy it to sd card/ make the 3 wipe + format system/then install zip from sd card/reboot

3/ root the rom with flashing following zip from recovery to be able to use all feature...


install root zip on sd card and flash it from recovery...

screenshot with antutu bench with and without uncap fps( help for better 2D and 3D)


please feel free to give feed back.thx and hope you will enjoy it.

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Guest desalesouche

Please let me know if you have 2.3 kernel source code.

i don't have it.many people are waiting for them...but the boot img in this rom made by geno could be a clue as everything is working
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Guest oL00No

This ROM places a random asian girl as SPLASH SCREEN.

OP: How the F... does one get rid of that? Thank you for ruining my phone! At least give me the directory where you put this bloat s***.

EDIT: Now I'm in an infinite bootloop only showing her, and I can't get to recovery. Smart!

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