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[ROM]gingerbread 2.3.5 with ICS UI

Guest iharrybao

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Guest iharrybao

This is a ROM from skate, made by Nic from bbs.anzhi.com

I transplanted it for the vivacity.

Thanks to Dazzozo the wifi issue has been solved.

Everything should works fine now.

you can choose the palce to install your apk(intenal or SD card)

go luancher instead of the stock one


if you need a2sd, flash this: http://www.mediafire.com/?u141vdc1sgb6byc

ROM download : http://www.mediafire...g10oyzltome4o75

if you are san fransisco 2, you need to flash your kernel

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Guest Dazzozo

Yeah, I think the porting tool expects the kernel to provide the dhd.ko but we don't have that, we have to use a prebuilt one.

Nice to hear it's fixed!

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Guest iharrybao

Good work :D keep the rom's coming!

I'll add it to the list of rom when you get it uploaded!

cheers surf

it's been there!

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Guest Josef Prusa

So wait what makes this different from all the other roms

What other ROMs do you mean? We've got Fish'n'Chips, KickAss and a bunch of Dazz-made CM7/CM9/ICS ROMs. That's lot less than for the original Blade. One more does not hurt anyone, does it?

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