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Manufacture Mode

Guest FlatPackPete

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Don't mind tinkering with your phone? Got 15 mins with nothing to do? Try this:

  • Dial *#*#2846579#*#*
  • Select Project Menu
  • Select Background Settings
  • Select USB Ports Settings
  • Choose Manufacture Mode

Reboot your phone and connect it to your computer and wait as 7 extra devices are installed, including 2 com ports :D

I'm just installing QPST to see what I can get from the com ports, but let's see what you can do ;)

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What are the names of the new devices?

I didn't make a list, but I can see the following in Windows device manager

Android Adapter USB Device

Android Adapter Modem

Android Adapter PCUI (Com port)

DBAdapter Reserved Interface (COM port)

But there were more when I first plugged in the phone.

I can't get any of the com ports to respond. Anyone else tried or found something new?

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These are what are listed in manufacture mode

Usb composite device

Android adaptor modem

android adaptor pcui(com30)

Usb mass storage

Android adaptor adb interface

dbadaptor reserved interface(com31)

android adaptor usb device

android adaptor pcui(com33)

dbadaptor reserved interface(com34)

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Not much there either, cant communicate with phone.

Same here, I thought it was just my old laptop :P

Funny how it creates com ports and even a modem device but you can't interrogate them. Wonder what we're missing....

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