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Android 4.0.3 CM9 for your GT540 (most stable ICS)-modified and easier tutorial

Guest earthShaker2012

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Guest earthShaker2012

Android 4.0.3 based on CM9 with new kernel - PreRC





Base : http://adf.ly/6vTdZ

Google Apps for Swift: http://adf.ly/5nGnk


1.download the 2 files above (base and google apps). Put them into your SD card.

2.to perform step 2, you must do this tutorial of intalling 2.3.7


Now, lets start the procedure, first boot into recovery, long press power button untill a pop-up menu appears. select "reboot" then select "recovery", tap "ok" and wait till phone has booted into recovery.

3. (this step is not really needed but is recommended) backup your current ROM, this is in case you dont like this new ICS and wishes to go back to previous ROM. To backup, select "backup and restore" then select "backup". wait till backup is complete then go back and "reboot system"

4.now boot to recovery again, lets do the actual installation of ICS, select "wipe data/factory reset" and select "yes"

5.select "wipe cache partition" and select "yes"

6. select "advance", then select "wipe dalvik cache", select "yes"

7.now, install ICS rom, select "install zip from SDcard", then select "choose zip from SD card" and find/select the file that you download (above) the "polish_blood_preRC.zip" (or the base). wait till it process is completed.

8. now install the google apps. again select "install zip from SDcard", select"choose zip from SD card". find and select the "Gapps.zip" (or the Google Apps for Swift). wait till process is complete.

9. now reboot system, you now have the latest and most stable ICS rom for your GT540

FOOTNOTE: if it happened that you dont like this ICS rom, which i doubt, you can to restore previous ROM,to do restore, boot phone to recovery select "backup and restore", select "restore" and choose the rom you want to restore (usually file name are the date you restored it). Furthermore, PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD FILES!

Whats working

USB/WIFI Tethering (Working with alternative apps) 80% RIL (Working) 100% Sound (Working) 100% Headset (Working) 100% Touchscreen (Working) 100% HW/3D (Working) 100% Screen (Working) 100% ADB (Working) 100% SDCard (Working) 100% Vibration (Working) 100% Sensors (Working) 100% WiFi (Working) 100% 3G (Working) 100% Bluetooth (Working) 100% GPS (Working) 100% Camera (No recording) 75%

Changelog for preRC:

-Updated CM9 soruce on 28.03.2012



-Fixed MIC in Voice Dialer, test other things

-Fixed CODECS(fluid movies in gallery and youtube std, still needs improvments)

-New wpa_supplicant v6 that fixes:

a) signal strength

B) it truns off normally(part of deep sleep fix)

c) it doesn’t disconnect like the one in Beta 5 with signal

-Fixed native DATA STATS for wifi and 3g(limits don’t show yet, need to bring iptables

-More SPACE for apps and facebook font fix inside(134mb)

-FULLY FIXED DEEP SLEEP finally bcos of new BT props matching kernel

-Test the BT headset, I made some changes that could fix that

About camera recording, live wallpapers etc. All will work with new adreno props I have but thay need kgsl 3.8(I have 3.0), porting that will take some time… After that I will update CM to 4.0.4 and give you an RC build. I merged the new audio hal from CA and it sounds soo badword better, test it icon_wink.gif It should fix all the sound issues. Test the BT headset, I made some changes that could fix that. The last thing I want to do with audio is to fix the third party remotes, like apple headphones and Beats by Dre. I work on native fm radio – stay tuned.









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Guest felixbbb031

post here further problems and bugs..

Hi.i have instale a ICS on my phone by is not workig so well,it is too slow and drain my battery to fast. i would like to go back on version 2.x.x. is it possible to do that in recovery mode?
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