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Arabic for Stock Foryo

Guest theprincemoh

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Guest theprincemoh

Finally i found the solution

it was the best rom for me

but i was not that happy because arabic

and finally i found the solution:


1: Root (sure u have ^.^)

2:Root Explorer >>>> Link

(Note1: It might lag while Copying so restart and continue anyway)

(Note2: Don't Try this to any other rom except http://www.modaco.com/topic/350597-developmentrom-stock-froyo-2632-kernel/ )


1:Download Arabic Files >>>> Link

2:Unzip It in any folder on SD Card

3:open Root explorer

4:Copy (framework.jar) [from uziped folder] to (/system/framework/)

5:Copy (libandroid_runtime.so) to (/system/lib/)

6:Copy (libicuuc-arabic.so) to (/system/lib/)

7:Copy (libwebcore.so & lib__bcore.so) to (/system/lib/)

8: Restart and Enjoy

For any other Roms

Download This and Just Flash it by Recovery

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Guest theprincemoh

انت جربتو علي انهي روم؟

انا متاكد انو شغال لاني انا اللي عاملو ومجربو عندي

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Guest theprincemoh

هوه رفض عملية نسخ الملفات

طبيعي جدا يرفضها يا محمود

قبل ماتنقل هتلاقي زرار صغير في برنامج رووت اكسبلورر فوق علي اليمين مكتوب عليه


دوس عليه وانقل بس كده

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