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[recovery] 27/6/2012 cwm ***unofficial*** USB STORAGE WORKING

Guest Lloir

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Ok guys this is built from source, all i need to fix is the SDCARD NOT mounting, this is a known issue and is being worked on. for now just put your sdcards into card readers or use Gannon's recovery but remember nandroid backups cant be taken to or from TWRP. Changelog is now in post 2

to flash it through fastboot then: you need to adb reboot bootloader then type this fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Thanks to gannon5197, broncogr for pointing us towards the USB problem and Sandvold for making this possible and the CWM team

if there's anyone else i need to say thanks to please hit me


What doesnt work


Touch Recovery (i need to do this from scratch at the moment)

and any bugs listed above



usb mount now working


Version Update from to

added files to recovery in preparation for possible fix

offline charging SHOULD be fixed, i need confirmation please

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