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Ridiculously high internet usage after update to ICS.

Guest digitaltoast

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Guest digitaltoast

So, I did the official HTC update over wi-fi a few days ago, and rebooted. Now showing:

Android Version 4.0.3

HTC Sense version 3.6

Software version 3.28.401.1

I got a text warning from Tesco that "Unlimited" actually meant "1Gb" and I'd gone well over.

I popped my 3 SIM in, and put a data usage monitor on.

Another 2 days later and 3 warned me that I was close to my 1Gb limit.

Bear in mind my normal month of 3g usage has never gone above 500Mb before, somehow it burned through nearly 2Gb of 3g in one week. Then there's the wifi usage...

Then my memory card was full, so I cleared out over 1Gb of temp files using the "free space" setting.

The spinning "refresh" was on literally all the time, and the phone is getting hot and battery life is a few hours.

The only thing I can was different was that I said "yes" to a 30 day trial of HTC premium navigation and I seemed to have an unwanted copy of Ireland and France maps totalling over 1Gb which I deleted again.

Now, once again, I have over 500Mb of temp files.

Have a look at these images - does something look a little wrong here? What the heck is Android OS doing using 1.89Gb on Wifi and another 676Mb of my mobile data?



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Guest whoop_whoop

I just got the notification today for my ICS upgrade, the download is stuck on 62% at the moment. This is with internet pass-through at work so it should fly through the download. Once I'm ICS'd up I will check my usage.

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