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Viewsonic Viewpad 10S Nand

Guest elf69

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Guest elf69

OK so I been having issues with the ICS ROM on here.

Im sure its the tablet as it works with others tablets.

I first had viewcomb on it which all worked great, but ISC is opening up a few more features for me, like sending SMS (MMS dont work for me).

Is there a way to format the nand fully?

I think maybe bits are left from viewcomb and its upsetting my ISC install.

Anyone else have ideas?

Even though I have flashed with Viewcomb again the USB STILL will not work for me, although it will power a device if in host mode.

I flashed it again with ISC Beta3 and still no usb :(


please can someone help me?

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Guest elf69

yes it did.

but after upgrading to ICS no usb at all.

now even flashing back to viewcomb no usb.

but it WILL power a device if i switch to host.

It it software or is my USB port duff?

I have a viewsonic dock but cannot remember where i put it to test the USB on that....

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Guest Daedric1383

It's just Host Mode ???

Try to erase system ,cache, and data from CWR, then flash FROM CWR.

NVflash erases and recreates partitions, deleting all info about bad sectors. By formating from CWM, bad sectors info is remained.

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Guest Daedric1383

Ok, do this:

With VegaCream in SLAVE mode, open a terminal and do:


cat /proc/kmsg

open shuttle tools, switch to host, and attach a device.. like a USB mouse.

Try to copy the result and post it... or you could cat /proc/kmsg > /sdcard/kmsg.log

Also, i would try to:

Flash VegaCream via NVFlash, but also copy it to the sdcard.

Boot, and then reboot to recovery. Then:

1- Erase /data and /cache (factory restore)

2- Flash VegaCream,

3- Goto 1

Do this a few times.. and retest. You might have BAD blocks. NVFlash erases that info, CWM format doesn't.

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