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[Battery mods] Stcok ICS B926/B927/B934


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These mods are for the stock builds in the tittle, if you flash them on custom roms which get regular updates, you only have yourself to blame if your device does not work.

I do not own this device now so cannot support these mods and update them.

If you want a battery mod for the build you are running then go to the UOT kitchen and make one.

Anyone is welcome to download these mods and start a new updated topic with updated mods for current builds of custom roms, but be prepared to update them everytime the dev updates his/her rom..

These mods will most likely work on all stock builds, if you try on a newer stock build and it works, let me no via PM and I will include the build in the tittle.

Circle: http://www.mediafire...m1obudvjdm1ar2q

Percent: http://www.mediafire...y2ndn1tjmwoiw3z

Hooolm: http://www.mediafire...bus32ijdi33rvgi

ICS-Circle: http://www.mediafire...r2znq9qc6r1frex

Speedo: http://www.mediafire...pw76q1wbev35blm

Thin-Circle: http://www.mediafire...jrqob1a7eqabm3q

Box: http://www.mediafire...dkdh6pa1zmj1jne

Iced-Honeycomb: http://www.mediafire...6c7xhlpg0j8nea6

Horizontal-Percent: http://www.mediafire...d3rcdnz9ayc84m7

Stock-Percent: http://www.mediafire...l82qakibpbblam6











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just installed, looks the dogs thanks a lot jiko

Are you on modaco IR1 rom or stock ICS?

I thought I was on stock when I posted, but then realised I was running IR1 :lol:

If someone has this working on stock then I can update first post to make it known, I cannot remember if the stock rom is odexed and paul deodexed the rom ?

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Cheers for this, circle mod is one of the first things added to my previous ROMs and now I have it for ICS.

I'll flash it right away. :)

Edit: flashed and working on stock ICS. Nice one!

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Thanks jiko. Flashing now! Does this mean you've got your new phone? What ROM did it come with?

Yeah got new g300 it came with gingerbread, updated to ICS within the hour.

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Ah yes it comes up in notification bar!!! Thanks man this is well good :D

It has both a notification option and a widget, I've been using it since installing ICS and its excellent.

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