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best replacement for a Vega? 9" screen or bigger

Guest cypher007

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Guest cypher007

ive cracked the glass on my Vega, the lcd is fine and it still works as a touch screen. im just wondering if its worth repairing, or selling it for spares. so my next thought is what to rplace it with.

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Guest cypher007

i ended up buying a CUBE U30GT, and its really good.

good points:

screen is very clear at almost any angle.


lighter than the Vega.

battery seems to last longer.


has Jelly Bean from the manufacturer (though the comunity cleaned roms are better).

good comunity support.

dual core cpu and quad core mali 400 gpu.

16GB built in.

1gb ram.

sdhc slot.

bad points:


build quality is ok but the case flexes when squeezed.

built in speaker sucks.

manufacturers rom has lots of bloatware.

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