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[ROM][ZTE Skate] MIUI - CM7.2 - Android 2.3.7

Guest C3C0

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This is my port of MIUI ROM - based on CyanogenMod 7.2 (Android 2.3.7)

Here comes another port based on my latest CM 7.2 - MIUI. It was requested by couple of Skaters

so I decided to give it a go. Framework has been ported from Blade version

made by Romu_Android so big thanks to him. His original thread can be found here:


My personal opinion: This ROM is very nice and has great theming support. On the other side

overally it feels a bit laggy compared to my other CM7 builds (vanilla, MokeeOS). Especially

in default launcher and settings. Don't expect this to be improved.

Original ROM comes with google apps already preinstalled so there is no need to flash them separately.

Check the second post for change log and potential hotfixes


- system partition size: at least 150MB

- cache partition size: doesn't matter

Download: http://tinyw.in/Qozf

Installation instructions

- put rom ZIP and hotfix ZIPs if any (2nd post) to SD card

- reboot to ClockworkMod Recovery

- make a backup of your current rom using menu: Backup & Restore / Backup

- wipe data / factory reset

- advanced / wipe dalvik cache

- mounts & storage / format system

- install zip from sd card - choose to install rom ZIP and all hotfix ZIPs downloaded from the 2nd post

- reboot

Thanks go to Romu_Android for Blade port of MIUI, CM team, MIUI team, tilal6991 for providing the device config and all devs contributing to android community













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Download link now up.

Battery life: hard to say since I played with it just for couple of minutes when testing basic system functionality.

But I expect it to be comparable with other CM7 roms.

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Guest utternoob

How to remove and add icons? Bluetooth fcs when sending files to phone, not sure about sending

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To get the standard power off menu with screenshot you have to change the type of widget panel to compact. Or use some screenshot app from play store

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Guest mhstrijbos

C3co, you never stop to amaze us. I love MIUI, but wait for those little bugs to be gone before installing.

Thanks for all your contributions!

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Bluetooth file transfer seems to be something deep in the framework.

No resolution yet...

Bluetooth file transfer fixed. Hotfix in second post.

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Guest nacsrio

Flash in cwm, wipe caches, reboot.

for a dummy question, its only put the file md5 in card, go to cwm and wipe caches? to install???

sorry my question, but i am new at this, and did not want to do crap.

I really liked this rom and I want to install.


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You flash updates the same way it is written

in the first post. But don't wipe data and don't format system. Just wipe cache and advanced / dalvik cache after you do "install zip from SD card " (or before - makes no difference)

If you want to fresh install the rom exactly follow instructions in the first post

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