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[Updated March/2013]Install Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 CM10 for LG GT540 [Smooth and Fast - Final Version]

Guest TechnoHolico

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Guest TechnoHolico


This tutorial is for installing Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 based on CyanogenMod 10. Installation can be done in all the LG GT540 from any cellular carrier. System is fast , stable and smooth . Best JB for our old device.



Panorama camera not working, for use panomara download Photaf app from playstore.

don't use six volume level (only this one) when dialing , you lose audio

For listen FM Radio, first go to Settings > Audio > Method and mark "msm7x30 sysfs"

again go to Settings > Audio > Output Mode and mark "Stereo Force"

---About backup, read this before continuing.

>>>Do not recommend backup apps because it will change to a completely different version, once you install this new rom, download them from the market.

>>>Just do a backup of your contacts (if you do not want to lose and retyping manually), if you have your contacts synchronized with your gmail account or google you do not need backup as google is responsible for restoring your contact list after installation of a rom.

>>>Make a full backup of your current rom, this is why if after installing this rom you decide to back to your previous rom version, the backup will restore it as it as you left your previous rom. To make the backup, turn off the phone, once off press HOME + POWER button for 15s, the phone will restart in Recovery Menu (remember to use this menu Up = Volume Up, Volume Down = Down Call Button = Select or Enter, Power = Back button), select "backup and restore" and then "backup" and wait to complete the backup, when completed, select "reboot system now" to restart the phone. (the backup is saved in a folder called sd clockwork, do not delete this folder if you decide someday return you to your previous version)

---How to install.

You need have CW Recovery installed in your phone.

Make sure you have good charge of battery. And removed from your SD card folders that say Android, Android Secure, data.

To begin, download the rom from the link Download this at the beginning of this post. Then copy the zip to the SD card (not extract the zip).

1. - Turn off your phone, once off press HOME + POWER button for 15s, the phone will restart in Recovery Menu.

2. - Select "wipe data / factory reset" and select "yes".

3. - Select "wipe cache partition" and select "yes".

4. - Select "advanced" then "wipe Dalvik cache" and select "yes".

5. - Select "install from sdcard zip" 'after "choose zip from sdcard" and find the zip file you downloaded and select it, finally select "yes".

6. - Wait until installation is complete, and a message appear that says "Install from sdcard complete".

7. - Select "reboot system now" and the phone will restart.

8.- Reboot once more to dalvik- cache relocate.

9.-That is all.

--- Operating Requirements:

System part: min 200MB (+ info clic here)

Swap: min 256MB (+info clic here)

Overclock: set app SetCpu 320Min-744Max





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Can anyone tell me what this is like?? I really want to install it but I really need the use of the camera on my phone, anyone know if this issue has been resolved??

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Hello Technoholico!
Can you help me install Android in a LG GT500?
I only need the HotSpot Wifi feature from android.
Greetings from Greece!

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