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Atrix Reboot Project

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I am posting this here simply to increase the amount of people that will be aware of the project as it is very important for the Atrix community as a whole that it is advertised as widely as possible (I see that my thread about TWRP 2.2 has got a lot of views despite the Atrix part of MoDaCo being practically a ghost town).

Many of the files for the Atrix were lost due to SOPA and the shutting down of file upload sites, this project aims to collect the files that have been lost.

Please can you go digging in your HDD, downloads folder etc and see if you have any fruitcakes, sbf's.

Especially any European Fruitcakes! - one many people would be interested in is a UK Orange 2.3 Fruitcake (maybe you could make one if you have a rooted Atrix that is still on a Stock European 2.3 ROM).

If you are able to help all the information you need is over on XDA Developers on this thread by samcripp

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