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the face of the Sports Department of defense impregnable fortress

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Guest yuanyin10

The ball very morale will be super hot pot, and people under the fast-break dunk.

Moment form of David torsion, the ball, the Department of Physical Education finally show their strength, the morale of the Industry and Commerce Department is severely suppressed their team in the Big Brother is the case.

Lin fly ball to teammates cheer "We played a concentrate. Linfei now seems to be playing in their own illusory, because his play is rarely spoke, Authentic nfl jerseys,he not imagine that they have become a team headed Big Brother?

"Good" growled teammates did not think, even in the face of such a blow so powerful, like do not receive any blow.

Lin fly ball, the face of the Sports Department of defense impregnable fortress, including direct wirewound circle, but no shot, he is not no way to spread out, and just looking for an opportunity, absolute in their teammates open shots when spread out, but the defense of the Department of Physical Education, tall, strong body, regarded position card is dead, Lin Fei frustration, breaking to the corner of the ground, the Sports Department of the 3rd and cottage McGrady No. 1 Linfei beaten to death In that corner, Lin Fei face two defensive jump directly at zero angle. Teammates were all shocked, this ball dare cast, he really is crazy. Only the 3rd bad enough, but before he can be there on the 1st, cottage Tracy McGrady, height, bounce amazing, "McGrady" word even cottage would never Langdexuming. The most tragic results, Lin Fei the shooting abruptly by the 1st to the fan out of bounds.

Two consecutive offensive are cap. Industry and Commerce Department seems to be able to recover.

Fortunately, the ball is vested in the Department for Trade and Industry, Lin Fei once again received a foul ball, footsteps do not keep up with the 3rd of the Department of Physical Education, Lin Fei direct shot.

"Critical moment, to strengthen the to pass" Cui Yong Lin Fei said, in fact, Cui Yong not worry about Lin Fei can not afford, but worry about last minute Linfei physical.

"I said, I will bring you victory." Talk time, sweat almost had soaked Linfei clothes. This is reminiscent of the one only on the battlefield will be some kind of people - death squads.

Sport after this moment, NFL jerseys wholesale,it is crazy to strengthen the attack, the 10th Akagi Kobe Bryant on the 24th, 1 Tracy McGrady, these people are almost all in the line of defense of the Department for Trade and Industry badly, the defense of the Department for Trade and Industry was beaten into a plug. With adverse defensive end, the offensive end is also affected, followed by shooting, Lin Fei 3 missed shots. Barely hit two teammates, the score suddenly be opened, the end of the three, the Department for Trade and Industry 7 points behind.

Pause time of one minute, and his teammates found Linfei breathing is no longer so smooth, his face flushed, hair almost have to sweat washed twice.

"Why do not rest?" Choi Yong asked with concern.

"Nothing, believe me!" Said Lin Fei, breathing heavily, his teammates came up, looked at this whole iron man played in three wants to he can do for you, but no one grasp dare this when patted his chest, said I to play the leading role.

Department of Physical Education seems to be very dissatisfied with the lead seven minutes to discuss tactics from their motor performance can be seen. They seemingly hum dissatisfied and do not win a few very really not win!

"Lin Fei, refueling ah!" Is the sound that is clear and crisp sound. "Win and I invite you to dinner!"

If Linfei a gentleman dressed, presumably also personable, because of the fact, his magnanimity absolutely fascinating, in particular, is to stand on the court when Lin Fei smiled.

The last one, Lin Fei bent body, his hands on his knees. Waiting for the pass, it seems that he is really tired, but he was so calm.

Teammate to pass the ball Lin Fei, Lin gallop over the center line, mountain fiscal Bryant intercept, but this is definitely a wasted effort, long ago proved something, does not require you to go verify, Lin flew over some of his direct jumper 3 points, at this critical moment, Lin Fei, crazy, and started their own ideal Biao points mode.

Mountain fiscal Bryant by no means be taken lightly, Jerseys from china,and the face of their easy score, his teammate pass immediately Linfei alone reached the Industry and Commerce Department, but Lin Fei has quickly return visit, just blocked his place, he turned body, passed behind the center on the 10th, the 10th turned Industry and Commerce Department hit back players, hey! Height is the difference almost 20 cm joke like you. Turned hook, with.

Lin Fei players for the Industry and Commerce Department said, anti that ball on the 10th, my defense in the 24th, pay attention to good mutual help defend full-court press when absolutely can not let them easily advancing.

So look really useful, Department of Physical Education two consecutive balls are not scored. Linfei seize the opportunity, even in two-thirds directly to level the score. In fact, the original Department of Physical Education is a chance, their defense is more of a soldier fighting defensive Lin Fei, the main responsibility falls on the 24th head, they scorn to take anti-folders and Association a non-school team players The defense, led directly to. Lin Fei breakthrough when 3 points the almost unguarded status Moreover, they have been convinced, who has maintained a very good shooting touch.

Equalizer, absolutely incredible.

Department of Physical Education attack, this time directly from the 24th ball, Lin Fei take direct personal defense, the 24th for Lin Fei, or that move stem pull up jumper, Linfei law hid their eyes in an attempt to block his perspective, to interfere with his shot, but does not work, secure in the 24th sent the ball to the basket, both have a high hit rate.

Or Linfei attack the ball, field Industry and Commerce Department now seems to be only Linfei a person, he is so desperate, and the other four in the eyes of many people are hitting the sauce, but these soy sauce Department of Physical Education also have to pay attention, because of the presence of Lin Fei, is likely to make any soy sauce into a killer.

Heartbeat, breathing, dribbling, control. Linfei has almost collapsed, but still maintains that he has been playing that rhythm.

Linfei the face of the defense in the 24th or so easily break through, but after the break, that cottage McGrady directly fill Lin Fei turned to frustration, possibly because it is tired, slow and a little cottage with their bodies up against the No. 1 direct Lin Fei breakthrough, Lin Fei and then turn around, make up the 24th, frustration,Cheap coach purses,Lin Fei pass Cui Yong Cui Yong, much of the world has not seen, but seems to have never played such a fierce competition in this critical moment or hesitancy, Lin Fei, get rid of the two, the ball directly to Cui Yong, after receiving the ball, Lin Fei directly With Cui Yong players to block the Department of Physical Education, pull-jumper, with. The number of threes in consecutive head rose to four, four single.

Industry and Commerce Department leading 1 minute. Department of Physical Education attack, this time, the Department of Physical Education, relatively speaking, the most sure two points! One is their outside 24, inside the 10th. No. 10, at this time, the morale is very Sheng, have yet to meet in the school and their bit capable of completely defeated, Lin Fei seems really likely, do not forget, he had almost played the whole game, almost physical no. Perhaps this is wrong, but this is also the game in the 10th face Linfei back singles, dribble, the left feint, hit the right side, he felt Linfei defense has been almost complacent, take-off shooting, have.

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