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Guest bozie1

:::::::::::JELLYBEAN 4.1.1:::::::::::


I have just (with-in 30 minutes) downloaded and updated my LG GT540 to the new jelly bean and so far so good. Straight away i have noticed a major stability change from the ICS i had put on a few months ago. The issues i had were that great i reverted back to gingerbread 2.3.7 as i knew this to be stable and very reliable.

Things i have noticed other that which have been stated as bugs are as follows!

1:: Certain setting appear not to work

i.e:- Device

Storage -- This sends you back to home screen

Battery usage -- This is somewhat inaccurate but only seems to be minor at the moment

Apps -- Doesnt seem to read all apps stored

everything in personal, account and system seem to operating just fine

2:: Gallery does not seem to work either but with no camera i can not take photos to be able to test properly so anyone that does already have photos if you can leave a comment please do

3:: Home selector appears to be missing

4:: The ability to adjust the cpu outage appears to be missing (apps are available for this thought)

So far these are the only effects that have i issues on. As time goes on no doubt there will be more but it appears to be quite stable. The effect of this will be tested in due course. i will be downloading a game on which i can test the stability of this OS.

!!Games are a great stability test of android systems angry birds is a perfect one because of the size of the app whilst running!!

Right now the misfortune of the bad side of the OS known as jellybean i'm going list some of the things ive noticed that i like.

1:: The smoothness of screen change.

2:: The layout of the settings menu.

3:: The overall look of jellybean.

4:: Some native wallpapers are interesting

O.K so not much at the moment but i have only been playing around with it for 30 minutes. i will be updating as time goes on

If anyone has any further points they would care to add or maybe ask for help and advice please feel free to do so

I know my profile status is on here as newbie but the gt540 is a good phone and i have learnt a fair bit about the phone itself !!The newbie status relates to posts made!!

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Guest bozie1

sorry the update was the one off this forum a couple of post below

update as to the workings

DO NOT i repeat DO NOT install this version of jelly bean hang fire and wait i got at the most 8hrs of battery without using the phone at all you can not stop background processes alter cpu speeds or make a phone call with out using loud speaker and if you do use the the phone as a phone youll be lucky to even get 30 mins of call time from a full battery

so in full the OS is to heavy for the gt540 the jelly bean os is not fully ported either (which i did know) youll get no battery life and to top it all off bug report wise com.android.process and clock stop working approx 3 secs after turning the phone on

i am not happy with this i was so wanting this to work out as the whole lay out of the OS was amazing

saying that i would give atleast 3 1/2 out of 5

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