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[MOD] ZeroCamera Desire C | 6 Mbps | JPG100 | Volume Shutter | [30-AUG]

Guest zeroprobe

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Guest zeroprobe

Hopefuily this mod will make this camera a little easier to live with.

Eliminates the pixeling when panning.

Let the phone wake up for 3-4 mins, as this can affect the framerate as it does with the stock camera too.


6 Mbps Bitrate / 1.6 Mbps stock

JPG 100 / picture compression at 85 on stock

48Khz audio sample rate / 44.1khz stock

128 kbit audio bitrate / 64 kbit stock

Volume Shutter


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Install zip from CWM Recovery.

Or the trickier way is to replace manually Camera.apk(and delete/rename Camera.odex if odexed) and media_profiles.xml in the exact places from the zip with Root Explorer e.g. Restart and kaboom

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