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[Help?]Link2Sd and Ram issue

Guest RollOver

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Guest RollOver

Lnk2Sd issue

alright so i rooted my Lg optimus L3 and removed all the bloatware and Google apps crap.

anyways, now of coarse i need to get a program to move the apps to the external SD card so i picked Link2Sd as many people prefer it as it moves apps to external card but here is the issue : Link2SD doesn't move the data files of an application to the external !

let me explain why it would be a problem : lets say i downloaded the GTA 3 game which is 300mb and put it on the SD card , only the .apk file will be linked with Link2SD but the data files will still be remained inside the internal memory so it takes a lot of space ...

so you are gonna tell me : put the data files in the FAT32 part because its gonna be big .. but will the .apk play if i used directory bind to move the data files and then Link the .apk using Link2SD ?

please i need explanation on how to move the .apk file normally with link2sd and then put the data files of it in the extrenal card because i didn't understand the portioning part knowing that i need big space like 4Gb for my big-spaced games like Game loft

RAM Issue

alright since i deleted the bloatware and Google apps there must be a good quantity of free RAM right?

well, i get only 135~145 MB of free ram while the rest is used =165MB ... so where is the rest and why do i have so little Ram or is that normal ?

thanks a lot and sorry for the long post :(

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Guest centodue

Hello, I am not an expert but I can give you the next suggestion:

You must have on SD card these:


2) ext2 PRIMARY (1GB)

3) (not necessary) swap linux logical (32 or 64 MB)

Now JUST WITH ROOT (and for you is not a problem because you already are rooted)

you will install "link2sd" and the first time that you will launch it , link2sd will request you to create a script to use ext2 primary. You will choose correct type (ext2) and then reboot the phone.

Open again: link2sd --> settings --> Installation position --> select "Internal" (sorry if I don't remember english menu voices but i use link2sd in italian language!)

In this way the programs will NOT be installed in FAT32 partition, but the ext2 partition is used as internal memory!

Now open: link2sd --> settings --> select "autolink" . With this operation every new program will be directly linked just to use the minimum of the flash memory.

You must REMOVE all the applications that you want to move in ext2 partition and then you will reinstall them --> installation will be in ext2.

You can check memory occupation , now it will be more.

Use "ROM Toolbox lite" to remove application of the provider installed in ROM (need root!)

The last:

after that applications are linked with link2sd, select link2sd --> settings --> other --> clean dalvik-cache

After this operation you will have more internal memory (40-80 MB more)


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Guest yayakuya

have to be noticed!!!

if the apk have/ need some data on sdcard, (i.e NFS, PES, etc.) it WOULDN'T WORK/ RUN if you linked the app to ext2 partition. if you wanted to, just link library and dex files but DON'T APP file. i was tested it... trust me :)

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