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American Galaxy Nexus working on french network?

Guest ayziaa

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I'm still looking (everywhere) for my next phone and I was wondering if galaxy nexus from america would work in france.

I looked at CMDA things and in america cellular bands are 800/1900 / LTE 700.

On galaxy nexus from france it say like :quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ 3G+ HSPDA

Does this mean that french galaxy nexus has more bands support? Does this mean that american galaxy nexus are 4G and that french are only 3G+?

Last question :) : If I buy a galaxy nexus from america would it work on french network, would 3G+ work too?

The only reason I would buy a galaxy nexus from america is that it seems that after shipping and taxes on a used galaxy nexus on ebay it's mutch more interesting that on french ebay where there are almost non!

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