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Device won't boot past green android logo?

Guest meehog

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My son's Vega had Vegacream installed and was working fine until this afternoon, when it wouldn't turn back on, I could only get the backlight to show for a few seconds, then just a black screen. I had to hold the power button for 5 secs to reset it, only to get the same backlight for a few seconds then black screen.

I've made sure I had all the correct drivers installed using AUDI, and I can get the tablet into nvflash recovery no problem and reflash roms. I've tried reflashing vegacream, no difference, just backlight then black screen again. I've also tried reflashing vega moddedstock and original stock 1.10, it says they've flashed correctly in the dos window, but they just show the green android logo for a few seconds, then black screen again, and I have to hold power for 5 seconds to shut it down, then it just boots to the android logo again etc etc etc.

I know there are loads of posts already about Vegas that won't boot, and I've read lots of them , but I can't seem to find a solution to my problem.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, my son is badgering me every 5 minutes, is my tablet fixed yet Dad?!

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Guest SmartSpook

I've got exactly the same problem with my Vega. It flashes (either stock or moddedstock 1.10) successfully but won't get past the green android logo.

The screen actually goes off (or just goes black - I can't tell & no backlight shows) after approx 5 seconds after the android logo first appears. Then it needs 6 seconds on the power button to reset it.

Does anyone have any advice (I see no-one had any for poor meehog)!

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