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Reboot loop - bricked ?

Guest Valmiki

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I'm a novice rooter and have seemingly broken my Pulse. I tried rooting it now its has gone into an infinite loop of restarts. Shows>T-mobile and then android>then vibrates and restarts the loop.

I think I made some mistake in the drivers(win7 x86) and hence the superboot and recovery doesn't get written. Was using the following to do that:

1. 1.1-pulse-superboot

2. 1.0-pulse-amonrarecovery

3. Hero

The tutorial says that on running the above, some bytes will be written and displayed on the Pulse blue screen, but nothing shows. It remains as is:

USB FastBoot: V0.5

Machine ID: 1007000 v0

Build Date: June 30 2010, 23:25:17

MSM Id: 16

MSM Version: 2.0

Modem Build: 76XXC-6383-SDCBALYM

Serial Number: Unknown

ptn 0 name='boot' start=304 len=20

ptn 1 name='system' start=324 len=800

ptn 2 name='userdata' start=1124 len=800

ptn 3 name='cache' start=1846 len=160

ptn 4 name='recovery' start=2006 len=38

ptn 5 name='misc' start=2044 len=4


Please help, anybody out there !!!! Thanks.

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Yep, flash the official Rom. And than use z4root.apk to root your phone. It works quite well on pulse. You overcomplicated things. If the official Rom shows you "update failed" use time machine and then official flash (search for rajoni's thread for 2 different time machines)

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