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Updation of Unlocked AT&T HOX...is it possible to update. If so, How??

Guest dexterone

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Guest dexterone

I have a unlocked At&T HOX ...i think it is network unlocked...I did it by entering a code and the phone is working fine here in India with other networks..

My Android version is 4.0.3 and software is 1.85

I came to know that there is a update for HOX with 4.0.4 and i think 2.22...

My question is..as i unlocked it...If I update my mobile to this new version..does it get blocked\bricked....what are the safety measures to be taken..please explain...

I am scared to do as I don't have good enough knowledge...

Also, if the update is succesful am i supposed to unlock it again...if so, will the existing unlock code work??

Please someone guide me...

many thanks in advance...

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