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Lewa OS Liquid Mt (new version)

Guest harrion51

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Guest harrion51



On the advantages of flash LeWa compared to other firmware:

1) Careful main menu with the basic settings.

2) For people who for some reason do not like the default applications "contacts", "call", "launcher" - you can replace them with any of its

3) With each new release, there are innovations that no other firmware.

A small list of innovations Lewa:

  • Memory clear button in the status bar;
  • Built-blocker unwanted calls and messages (on my statement - no skipping first call);
  • The ability to record a conversation with a line without third-party applications;
  • A unique search engine for the first letter in the "Address Book";
  • Universal Power manager \ Power + (using it, you can calibrate the battery, find the battery life, turn off applications that are not used, but stress the processor. It has a scheduler mode (ie, without the possibility of third-party applications on the timer off at night all communications phone: WI FI, EDGE and GSM in a given time, and the subsequent inclusion in the programmed time. Also there is an automatic switch-over power-saving mode when the battery is low, to extend its work));
  • Built-in universal filemanager, which is quite well-systematized information (ie, separate combined: pictures, music, videos, documents, applications) not depending on their location on the card.
  • Choice of Lokskrina what you like (you can easily download it from the site of flash - for this is built-in application or set yourself on a memory card (after downloading them, GM and custom firmware - no third-party applications - this is not possible);
  • The ability to easily change the design of the firmware by using the various themes - of which a huge number, and it is constantly updated. With that you can do both online and offline;
  • There is a built traffic counter (with otlyucheniya from the Internet when the limit traffic) - useful for those users who do not have unlimited internet.
  • Dialer in full screen
  • Auto store calls
  • The drop-down panel in the style of MIUI with the possibility of including a standard form
  • Themes now change not only the icons, fonts, bootanimation,lockscreen, but many other parts of the graph firmware (version 8.10.12 of)!



    Current firmware version: 29.09.12

    does not work:
    -FM (Spirit FM)

    Stable version:
    Lewa Rom 20.02.13 ENG & Gapps 20.02.2013

    Old version:
    Gapps 29.09.2012


    • The panel status bar icon appears inclusion programki power +
    • In the program "Power Manager" (now called "power +") the opportunity to change modes - now it is all super comfortable!
    • In the music player, the top panel moved down
    • The problem with disappearing status bar when the screen is rotated
    • In the music player added to download Internet c Covers music
    • + Fixed a problem with a dialer
    • Fixed number portability issue from the black list to the white
    • Removed not relevant in the Russian assembly: 1) renovation of Lewa, 2) feedback.
    • Removed LewaPush and LewaPond - now will not be unauthorized "shipments" SMS.
    • Added the ability to help those not only change icons, but now the interface as a whole
    • Changed the bottle animation added when loading LewaPlayer folder selection
    • In the music player, a new button to force synchronization / update.
    • Cleaning notification shaking
    • Added a new recorder
    • Fixed many small bugs
    • Added a new utility Cit - engineering menu (which would enter key in * # * # 4636 # * #)
    • The player added damping Funk music in the transition from song to song
    • The Chinese have something fixed in the dialer (this is clearly for IP-telephony)



    [*]install the base firmware

    [*]set recowery (tested CWM Recowery 6х, 5х)

    [*]Go to recowery

    [*]make Nandroid Backup menu Backup / Restore (in the case of need to roll back then)

    [*]wipe data & factory reset + wipe cache

    [*]verify whether the signature verification has been removed: Toggle Signature Verify

    [*]Flash zip from sdcard and select the firmware file to start the installation after confirmation


    [*]- PS Whatever appeared google applications (google sync) do it again with google applications, not only to choose the firmware file and gapps.zip


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Guest harrion51

Could you make it avalaible in other languages too?

sorry, no

is based on the stock fw or cm7/miui?

in any case has it the data/128 usim problems?

is base on the cm7

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Guest harrion51

google translate in action

haha nice work anyway. :D

it's multilang

google translate rulezzz :D

Guys, I do not speak English=(

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Guest nemoftw

nice ROM! one more thing. how can i remove the Korea (maybe Chinese or Japanese i'm not sure). i dont like the multi lang so much. anyway tks for the nice ROM

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I love it! :D

Is techno's kernel included?

I wipe everything and flash it and I see that Techno's kernel is there...

I install gapps flashing the zip file but I can't find the apps in home :/

If I search with the included widget google play I find it :o

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I don't use That but try the included light flow app...

I also had some improvements in the slow wake up (what made me left Meiji) using "no lock from market

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