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Which official ICS build is the best?

Guest donk165

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Guest donk165

Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, I used the ZTE skate forum before :)

I was wondering which build of ICS is the best? I'm currently on the b925 version. It seems to have a problem with the 3G data switching off and not coming back on after sleeping. There is a few other little issues but the 3g one is the most annoying. I have to reboot to sort out the data connection.

Which one do people have the most stable performance with?

Thanks, donk165

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Guest Cisco Kid

Donk, did you get your huawei honour 8860 sorted??

Just looking at this just now as had the ics on russian, norwegian & now the french one. All ran fine for me but probably didnt use absolutely everything.

Everything was fine for months until 3 days ago, downloaded runtastic via freeappoftheday on play then nothing.

I have no reception etc

only wifi works for the phone to get anything.

i'm on giffgaff so tried everything including rebooting/new apn/different sim but the phone is just not playing ball.


NOT rooted yet, stock only.

tried diffferent rom versions but keep getting failure on loads.

seriously peed off.

anyone out there had similar that i can go through anything else??

many thanks

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Guest donk165

Unfortunatly, my Honor died on me. The update was stuck on B929, when I used a downgrade patch, and then downgraded to B919, the phones update failed at about 70% and then would not take any updates at all. I cant boot the phone, but I did manage to get pink screen mode up but I cant replace the recovery or any other files, the directory is too small, windows reports the mounted pink screen as having 0kb out of 0kb in windows. I can load up the stock recovery but that is all.

I think either the flash memory on board failed, or the phones main partition became corrupt.

Id say try the B929 version as that was the best one I used, it had a newer kernel. But dont forget to check if you need a downgrade patch for the version you are currently on.

Ive moved on to the LG Optimus L9, so I havnt been checking the Honor boards really. So, sorry for the late reply. :)

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