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Bricked my optimus using smartflashtool, no logo, no sw-update mode

Guest royb3

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previous week I tried to root my phone, smartflashtool looked promising, and the flashing was successfull. at least, that was what smartflash told me. My phone should be resetted at that moment, but it did not turn on.

I think it is dead now, it is like there is no battery inside. it doesn't do anything, no led flashes, no screen, nothing at all.

What should I do now, return it for service?

look for someone that has a ort jtag box, are there any other alternatives.

What did I do wrong during flashing? When my device is repaired, i still want to root it to install CM10, there will be a M release. I installed v20n_00,

I unpacked the kdz with the rom converter and choose to patch it with cwm. the phone is bought in the Netherlands, did I use the wrong kdz?

I hope you can help me out,


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