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Lost IMEI for ZTE Grand X

Guest Be6i4

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Hi guys,

I lost the IMEI for that phone. :mellow: The phone is already rooted, but can't find any information within, that my conist a backup (for example efs folder like Samsungs). Is there any place that might keep original IMEI information?

Another thing, I couldn't find a way to to to FTM mode. Going to stock recovery is quite easy though - just use adb.

Not even sure If there's a FTM mode, neither that QPST Service might work on this device....

Thanks in advance! :wacko:

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Thanks a lot. I'll take a look now and will write back here. Appreciate it!

Not sure, If It's allowed to add 2 post in a row, that's why will edit this one.

It didn't work. The only difference now is that the phone is in airplane mode, no matter that It's off in settings. (and you can't change that mode)

It will be interesting for me, If there's an article about IMEI information for that phone. Maybe someone can search in Root Explorer and just give a hint, which folder keeps IMEI information.

Thanks in advance! ;)

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Guest ljubomir

By mistake I flash folder/modem sistem folder and now Im in same position, no IMEI number and no network.

Is there any solution for us to repair that.

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Guest ssjmilos

the folder where the imei is located is /mnt/modem/data/ copy folder data to the sd card and you will be safe. For now there is no solution for restoring IMEI for grand X

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