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[ROM] [30 Oct] miui.X v1.3 |2.10.26| [MULTILANG] // A Different MIUI Concept

Guest ruizit0

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First off all, i’m not an experienced DEV, i’m just a curious guy that likes to play with the phone and try things. In last weeks i was working on a custom ROM for myself, because i wanted a different MIUI ROM, without bloatware and with some extras. And now i decided that is time to give something back to the community for the support and help trough this years, so i’m pleasured to present you the miui.X


▪ miuiandroid.com Base ▪

▪ Support for Portuguese Language ▪

▪ Support for Multilanguage ▪

▪ Sense PT Keyboard ▪

▪ Sense Multilanguage Keyboard ▪

▪ Removed MIUI Bloatware ▪

▪ Build.prop Tweaks ▪

▪ Init.d Tweaks ▪

▪ Improved gps.conf ▪

▪ JellyBean Sounds ▪

▪ Custom MIUI Theme ▪

▪ 4Way Reboot ▪

▪ Lyapota Tweaked Sense 4.5 Camera ▪

▪ Apex Launcher ▪

▪ Custom Apex Theme ▪

▪ SuperSU ▪

▪ Basic Google Apps ▪

▪ Google Ears ▪

▪ Add free with AdAway ▪

▪ Chrome Browser ▪

▪ Solid Explorer ▪

▪ BeWeather and Widgets ▪

▪ OTA Updates and Extras ▪

This is a Work In Progress project, and the main goal was to make something different from the usual Sense UI rom but with the powerful Sense camera and other Sense goodies. As all you know AOSP / AOKP can’t have the Sense camera, so this MIUI Sense based was the perfect solution to get a different UI and the Sense camera, so, with miui.X you will get the flavor of the beautiful UI from MIUI and the powerful Sense camera, but with a different concept, with a different launcher, a custom theme and some other extras. Bellow you can find all what you need to try this ROM, and I will try to improve this project by the time, with your help and opinions.


miui.X v1.3
  • New MIUI 2.10.26 Base - MIUI Changelog
  • Updated HOSTS 30-10-12
  • Last Gmail App
  • SuperSU 0.97
  • Apex miui.X HD Theme 1.3 (New Icons, Fixed Folder Background)
  • OTA Support With UpdateME 2.0.3 (Now is Possible to Update ROM, Install Langpacks, Mods, Directly in Your Phone)

    Old Releases

    • Check Second Post

  1. Extract boot.img from ROM zip
  2. Turn your phone in FASTBOOT Mode
  3. Flash boot.img extracted from zip with miui.X Flash Boot
  4. Enter RECOVERY Mode
  5. Make full Wipe (data/cache)
  6. Flash ROM zip
  7. Restart Phone

* After first boot go to Apex Settings>Theme Settings and apply miui.X HD theme, then go to Drawer Settings>Drawer Background Transparency and set it to 90% to get the miui.X style.


ROM Files
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miui.X v1.2
  • New MIUI 2.10.26 Base - MIUI Changelog
  • Updated HOSTS 28-10-12
  • Stripped GAPPS (Movie Estudio, Playstore Updates, etc)
  • Google Ears from JellyBean (Google Shazam)
  • Replaced MIUI SU with SuperSU (More Solid and Stable SU)
  • SuperSU 0.96
  • Apex miui.X HD Theme 1.1 (New icons, Nova/Go Launcher Support)
  • Fixed gps.conf
  • Apex Launcher 1.3.3

    miui.X v1.1

    [*]miui.X v1.1 ROM

    [*]miui.X v1.1 Multilang Pack

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