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[ICS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM]

Guest Dazzozo

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CyanogenMod 9.1 for the Huawei Ascend G300!

This ROM only works on a device running baseband version 2030 that has been upgraded through the official Ice Cream Sandwich process. It works on the U8815 and U8818.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Sources: github.com/Dazzozo

How do I use FM Radio?
Spirit FM supports the G300 as of 21/12.



  • Fagulhas for taking a lot of weight off my shoulders :P
  • tilal6991, alanorth, qiwu huang, genokolar, omegamoon, PaulMilbank and all other contributors
  • The guys in IRC
  • The CM team and contributors

Crazy donator list, I love you all

Arnette carstenheuer samjam x3 Umrtvovacz x2 sammyc77
bladebuddy skobywan goekane x4 Valicek1 x2 Dildano
22point8 x3 ugnius40 maritimesbob paddyponchero x2 RussellS
Matthew_Smithy tcpaulh dragpyre daewhin Cyda
Hans Gruber grmn shockdj ScutulatusCrotalus Wanyal
unaszplodrmann x2 raoulteeuwen mack_ lakyljuk x2 pepdavies
gnb10 alastor66 SdZ x2 Caglio x2 milamber77
Titas x2 MioCZ vice17 melodystyle2003 momoldn
Colossae3.23 dp29380 dwilkie x3 MediumDave TheSkeletoN
marcars x2 andysterling fiah84 timfimjim soulhand
thebuell x2 lakyljuk JRow rob4x4 _cobra
SL_The_Hedgehog raverrr andymac1969 dalyer MioCZ
todoleo intensedarkness x2 stumark Rebas ptoner
Kekenious sporksnail Sako Verife jordanclarke69 Artful Bodger
zdenacc Turquo1se alhimyaa Mhisani Fox raoulduke22
netmanmac thomanski solarmon Muzler clayts450
Patty1961 rymate1234 joba69 tomjanda rhen
painteramit mulardo hvy109 timli Nalaztre
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Change Log:

28/04/2013 - R10

  • Completely new kernel based on the latest Huawei release, used the opportunity to fix some minor irritants
  • Removed some junk Qualcomm LTE services and other crap
  • CM now works on both basebands (in a single zip) though there is no overclocking on 109808 yet.
  • Caved to peer pressure and reduced mdp/adsp memory sizes, saves 15mb RAM
  • Changed backlight values (thanks kra1o5)
  • Set max background apps to 10
  • Minor optimisations
  • Enabled screen on when USB unplugged
  • Minor clean ups

    17/02/2013 - R9
    • Voice call changes
    • Fix some kmsg spam
    • Remove logcat spam: USB, sensors and RPC
    • Add SPN override configuration (temporary workaround for SPN names)

      02/02/2013 - R8
      • Minor changes to power profile for battery stats (thanks kra1o5)
      • Revert BCMDHD to stock source
      • Revert some governor tweaks
      • Add CM10.1 camera patch, should fix third party cameras *confirmed*

        21/01/2013 - R7
        • Updated BCMDHD (wifi kernel module) code to android-3.0 (experimental)
        • Removed 800MHz frequency (it stopped booting for some)
        • Added power profile (thanks kra1o5) & enabled battery statistics
        • Merged CAF fix for wake up latency
        • Disable bootloader reboot option (since it doesn't actually work on recent Huawei devices)
        • Enable Sparrow bionic optimisations

          14/01/2013 - R6
          • Changed overclock speeds - removed junk and made it more sensible
          • Tuned governors to frequency table - thanks PaulMilbank
          • Added 800MHz frequency
          • Updated AudioFilter and enabled noise suppression
          • Minor USB tethering fix for manufacturer name
          • Fixed A2DP sampling rates
          • Reverted Dalvik changes in R4
          • Enabled use of cache partition for Dalvik cache

            01/12/2012 - R5
            • GPU: disable tiled rendering setting toggled in R4 - was causing some GPU hangs

            01/12/2012 - R4

              [*]Proprietary: redo all blobs from B952

              [*]GPU: disable skia lcdtext rendering to reduce text corruption - this seems fixed in jellybean

              [*]GPU: Qualcomm settings changes

              [*]Dalvik: Changes to heap size and growth limit

              [*]Wi-Fi: fix null pointer dereference crashes

              [*]Framework: disable hardware features that aren't fully functional - Wi-Fi direct, USB host

              [*]Framework: remove power profile, should fix battery issues (will kill battery stats for now)

              23/11/2012 - R3

                [*]Kernel: fix the page allocation failure permanently

                [*]Kernel: fix battery capacity calculation logic, correct voltage range and add fail-safe voltage

                [*]Kernel: switch to slub allocator

                [*]Video: fix missing dependency for some decoding

                [*]GPU: update to latest KGSL fixing various graphics glitches

                  [*]Enable skia lcdtext rendering

                  [*]GPU: various usermode changes

                  [*]Audio: fix in-call volume

                  [*]Framework: add power profile enabling battery statistics

                  [*]Display: set refresh rate to 65

                  [*]Display: fix permissions issue

                  17/11/2012 - R2

                    [*]RIL: fix some SIM card issues

                    [*]Wi-Fi: set MAC address correctly

                    [*]Torch: fix flashlight power widget

                    [*]Framework: update permissions - enable Wi-Fi direct, still a WIP

                    [*]Kernel: enable compaction and adjust vfs_cache_pressure to cheat the Wi-Fi page file allocation failure

                    13/11/2012 - R1

                      [*]Initial release.

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Thank you Dazzozo and all that have helped him for this release. Got to be one of the most anticipated ROMs I've ever seen.

So this is why they call it a community :wub:

Edited by timfimjim
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Im a bit newb at this CyanogenMod .. i know its a rom, lol, but is it better than the others ? special features ? can somebody explain it to me ? :P

Built in support for themes in apk format. Tons of extra options. Hardware acceleration in ui. Light.

Got a nice touchwiz theme on mine.

Edited by Frankish
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Gah my phone locked up when turning on wifi, now it locks up on the CM9 boot screen. Have I done something stupid?

I'll wipe cache and start again, see if I can get a logcat

Here's the logcat http://pastebin.com/r6Ex2eFf I can't see any mention of wifi, it just seems to lock up?

ok after leaving it for a bit it rebooted itself and now the wifi is working. odd.

Edited by Hans Gruber
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Built in support for themes in apk format. Tons of extra options. Hardware acceleration in ui. Light.

Got a nice touchwiz theme on mine.

Hmm, so if want to customize the launcher , i dont have do download one, i only need to download a theme ? like windows style ?

Geez, i was going to update my stock+, not sure what to do now ...

I think it's to soon to ask about battery life and all that stuff ... But , does it have the 2gb internal storage , like , "usable" ?

Thanks in advance ! :)

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Sorry if I'm being thick, I'm fairly new to this. I can flash this with cwm recovery? Or do I need the Huawei recovery? I'm running cyda's stock + at the moment

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