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[RECOVERY] [CWM] ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.4.5 [CM] [Last updated: 21/12]

Guest Dazzozo

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ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.4.5 for the Huawei Ascend G300

This is built alongside CyanogenMod 11 sources, and ensures compatibility with 4.3 based ROMs (due to addition of SELinux) and CyanogenMod OTAs. It also fixes a lot of the long standing issues with previous CWM builds.


  • R8: (hopefully) fixed hynix brick, EXT4 fix, 3.4 kernel - use at own peril if you have a hynix chip.
  • R3: last "safe" version, no EXT4 fix, 3.0.8 kernel.
Previous versions are available here: http://g300.dazzozo.com/recovery/
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Change Log:


21/12/2013 - R8: v6.0.4.5

  • Supports device encryption.
  • Built against CyanogenMod 11 sources.

09/11/2013 - R7: v6.0.4.4

  • Fixed charge mode (derp).

09/11/2013 - R6: v6.0.4.4

  • 3.4 kernel.
  • EXT4 fix.
  • (Hopefully) hynix brick fix on 3.4 kernel.

R4 and R5 - did bad things :(

02/10/2013 - R3: v6.0.4.0

29/09/2013 - R2: v6.0.3.8

  • Fixed formatting cust.

05/09/2013 - R1: v6.0.3.7

  • Initial release.
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I would really appreciate if someone ever gets a symlink error, to post on this thread. We could use a full confirmation from everyone that this long lasting problem on CWM builds is trully gone. Bring on the feature requests.

I can easily add a power off option on the main menu if users want. Also, charge mode has an alternative image set. At the moment, i do think they could be bigger. If people have any suggestions about it, shout. Or even better, do your own version and get them integrated on CWM!

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Ok first time running a nandroid back-up in v6 for me.

Is it now normal for the dated (2012-11- folder in 'backup' to be only ~28mb, and a new separate folder named 'blobs' in the root of the clockworkmod folder to be over 1gb?

Phone rebooted automatically after (hopefully) finishing nandroid, so I've no idea if it completed successfully.

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Just done a backup and restore from CM9 back to an older cwm v5 backup without any problems and in half the time it would normally take. Booted up, checked the rom and all good. Then restored back to CM9 in such a short time I was sure it had failed but again I checked it over and everything is spot on. First time I've really used v6 and man, this version is much faster than previous ones. Nice. :)

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Yeahhh thank you

V was doing my head in with its little quirk - the volume up button taking you back a page rather than up a level

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is the blobs folder meant to be this small its around 200mb for me. I have moved stuff to my PC because I thought I didn't have enough space, now i have 3gb free. I have read the article that Dazzozo posted but i'm not sure if the backup should be this small. :s

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<< crash test dummy! :P

Error: sd-ext not found. Skipping

Then when trying to recover:

Error while restoring /data!

I had this error before I updated to this ver too. Fixed it once....

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