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Superboot - Nexus 10 root solution

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien

Introducing.... Superboot! :)

Superboot is a boot.img that when booted, will root your device the first time you boot (installing su and the superuser APK). No need to flash any partitions, no need to mess around with ADB, no messing with the contents of your data partition, no overwriting the shipped ROM on your device, just boot the boot image using the instructions below and you're done!


  • Superboot r1 - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: f53825a2df09277f899b6738b3a059d5

How to use Superboot - Windows, Linux and OSX

- Download the Superboot zip file above and extract to a directory

- Put your device in bootloader mode - Turn off the phone then turn on with the 'volume up' and 'volume down' buttons both pressed to enter the bootloader (as pictured below)

- WINDOWS - double click 'superboot-windows.bat'

- MAC - Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, and type 'chmod +x superboot-mac.sh' followed by './superboot-mac.sh'

- LINUX - Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, and type 'chmod +x superboot-linux.sh' followed by './superboot-linux.sh'

Note: If you are using a retail device, you may need to unlock the bootloader first, using './fastboot-windows oem unlock' (or the appropriate version for your machine, included in this zip). Note that the OEM unlock sequence wipes your device, so consider doing an 'adb backup' beforehand if required!

Enjoy! :)


PS If you find this useful, please consider supporting MoDaCo by signing up for a MoDaCo subscription! Visit this topic for further details!

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Guest frigorific

Waiting for my nexus 10 to arrive :)

Is this method still the best way to go for root on this device?

Paul, did you end up swapping your nexus 10 for a surface?

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Yes, MCR for N10 should be available later this week. Check the N7 WiFi kitchen to see the feature list. :D


Hahaha, can't wait to see that happen! I think I'll just have to patient, a little bit more... :P

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Guest John Rose

Does this still work on a Nexus 10? After doing the procedure. Root Checker (from Free Android Tools) still said that there is no root access as did Root Checker (from joeykrim).

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