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Should i buy battery, please help?

Guest Cursed Chico

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Guest Cursed Chico

Hello. I am using b528 rom.

And my battery goes around 3-4 hours. I always charge, i dont know how my battery became so bad. I am using it for 1 year and 5 months. I always left on usb charge on nights, i use even if it has low charge etc, so mybe because of those.

So now i want to buy new battery because i need this phone. Maybe usingh two batteries can help me?


Like that, a home charger, charging the 2. battery in the night and next day, when main battery finished, i can use other.



only another battery and charging in the phone both in the night.



What do you suggest, please tell me about what you do , how you use and suggest me.

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