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Patched Wallet Issue adding card

Guest Highland3r

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Guest Highland3r

Posting this here as I can add a credit card (mastercard) fine in Google Wallet on the Nexus 7, but it continually fails on the GNex.

The card has been added via my Wallet Account (not the app), when I open the app for the first time on the GNex (i.e afer clearing data) I have the option to add it. The app just seems to hang at "adding" then eventually fails.

This occurs on both 3G and WIFI and multiple attempts since last Thursday have been made - all fail the same.

Using JR9 with the patched wallet option checked. No un-install of existing wallet app (which was stock from JR8(?)) before flashing JR9.

Trying to add a Mastercard.

Network is o2 UK (if that makes a difference) running stock kernel


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