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Custom ROM for U8800/-Pro/-51?

Guest Glock24

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Guest Glock24


I'm new to Android development, but I've been learning the ins a outs of this.

I recently purchased an "Impulse 4G" which actually is an Ideos X5, but not just a regular one, it's a U8800-51. When I bought it I didn't know there were 4 variants:

  • U8800 (original)
  • U8800H (very rare, for Hong Kong?)
  • U8800-Pro (different SOC)
  • U8800-51/Impulse 4G (same HW as plain U8800 with different radio, but ROMs are only compatible with -Pro, don't now why)

Well, I found out the hard way that the ROMs for all these phones are not compatible, and that there are very few custom ROMs available, and the ones that were developing it stopped and did not release the sources.

By custom ROM I mean built from source (be it AOSP, CM or AOKP), not based on an official ROM by Huawei.

Now, what is needed to build a ROM from scratch is a device tree. I could not find proper docuementation on how to do this. If anyone has any experience with this and can give me a hand would be great. Once we get this I could start experimenting and hopefully we'll have a ROM for all (most) variants.

So anyone interested?

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