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[Kernel] Lupo's kernel[v3][NEW VERSION!]

Guest lupohirp

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Guest lupohirp

hi guys...Greets from Italy! :D i've builded this kernel for getting optimal performances with my acer liquid glow. This can be used with Stock rom and with Vache's glowing liquid rom.


Flash this .zip with recovery

This is the changelog for v3 there are a lot of patches that i don't remember unfortunately but kernel have great performances


  • Added lazy, smartassv2, intellidemand, lagfree governor (change that with nofrills or setcpu)
  • Added Sio and vr I/O schedulers (change with nofrills or setcpu also that)
  • Added a Cortex A5 optimization
  • fixed wrong format for Adreno200 (first was RGBA_8888 now it's RGB565 that's is handled well with this GPU)
  • increased read-ahead values
  • new memory allocator : SLUB
  • improved the performances of memcpy and memmove of the general version


    • Update graphics drivers to Jellybean branch(should also resolved graphical issues)
    • Overclock stable to 1,3 ghz!!
    • Row scheduler by default (best for mtd devices)
    • Improve performances of ram
    • a lot of patches for arm processor to improve performances
    • Kernel updated to version 3.0.58
    • a lot patches for framebuffer

    Download Link:http://adf.ly/HfiET

    Sources are here: https://github.com/l...uid_Glow_Kernel

    I also want to thanks Vache for his hints and porting recovery to this device. Without his help this couldn't be possible.I'm also starting to work to jelly bean update but i have no time for now :(

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Sounds good! I'll give it a whirl and test to see any issues during daily usage. Thanks for supporting this nice little phone!

EDIT: Well I know it's fixed the issue I had with the kernel that came with the Glowing Liquid ROM where the screen doesn't time out when turned off and charging. Thanks!

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Guest TheOmen187

been testing for two days and found some things that I am not sure its related to your kernel but worth mentioning anyway.

Wifi signal is much weaker and unstable compared to stock rom/kernel or vache kernel

Turning on data connection takes a couple of minutes, again compared to stock that took 3 to 4 seconds. (vache had this problem to)

Realy bad battery life, like in 50% dropped in 3 hours without heavy use of my phone.

Also with Vache's kernel I used to overclock to 1180mhz just for that little extra power but your kernel doesn't allow me to OC.

Any way I'm taking my phone back to repair service soon since its not fully repaired, might even consider a other phone.

Hopes this gives you some feedback

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Guest TheOmen187

Everything seems perfect so far. Very smooth at 1300mhz OC, battery is reasonable. No freezes or force closing of apps so far.

If this keeps working this stable this might be the best out there for our phone so far, ;)

Now all we need is JB ! :D

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