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[Question/Help] Windows 7 not recognising Nexus 4...but XP is...odd

Guest anonymous1

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Guest anonymous1


Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions/can help me, please?

Lucky enough to get 2 of Google's 'out of stock' devices earlier than expected (please don't hold that against me, one is a present for someone else!)

Plugged each of them in turn via USB lead to Windows 7 desktop...devices recognised as Nexus 4, but drivers fail to install with error message, 'device is unplugged', even when plugged in. Even if I try plugging in, in developer mode it goes into a continual loop of trying to install drivers, but failing. If I go into bootloader and plug in, WIndows 7 recognises the bootloader state and installs correct drivers for it.

Deleted all the USB/registry keys to Android devices, tried again...still no luck.

Tried installing drivers from PDAnet drivers, Android toolkit and mskip's rooting toolkit (from xda-developers), but still no luck. Uninstalled all Android drivers prior to trying each of these methods.

Funny thing is, with mskip's toolkit, installed drivers onto XP laptop and device recognised under MTP with no issues. Problem with both devices and the fact that they both work under XP suggests it isn't a problem with the device, but my Windows 7 desktop?

Kinda weird problem as never had any issues with Windows 7 not being able to find drivers before, and this is one of the latest devices there is. Tried LG website, no drivers for LG E960 (AKA Nexus 4).

Annoying and time-wasting exercise, as having to transfer files via USB stick from desktop to laptop, then to Nexus 4.

If anyone knows whether I need a specific driver or has any suggestions how to solve this problem, I'd really appreciate you posting your suggestions.


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Guest Pondlife

Not a solution but a work around for now which might speed transfers up a bit. Found it rather handy.

Wifi File Browser by WebprodsPT on Google Play.


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