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Ainol Novo 7 Elf 2 3.5 jack issue.

Guest shawdreamer

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Guest shawdreamer

Dunno how familiar people are with this particular ChinkTab on ere as I dont see it featured very heavily but Im sure someone might have came across the issue Im having.

Basically the 3.5 headphone jack socket seems to be incredibly tempremental.

Since day one Its not worked as it should.

For example:

If you attempt to listen to music with vocals and push the plug for the headphones entirely into the socket you'll get the music crystal clear but the vocals sound like the singers got a space helmet on (I know its a bizarre comparison but its remarkably accurate)

However if you carefully insert the plug to a very VERY specific depth in the socket (roughly half way or there abouts) you'll eventually get both clear music and vocals, if however you don't get the plug position just right you can still get audio coming from the device speaker at the same time (which kinda defeats the object of using headphones)

At first I suspected the device makers supplied headphones but after testing a couple of other sets I found the issue persisted so it wasn't that.

I also don't think its a software issue as the issue didn't vanish once Id rooted and rommed the tab successfully to CM10.

I can only suspect therefore that its a hardware issue, maybe the sockets been badly aligned inside the device or somethings not been properly connected.

On the chance that its a known issue and someone may have already solved it I decide to simply ask.

so......... any ideas anyone?

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Guest comicbookguy

At a guess:

EITHER It's got a 4-pole jack socket meant for a headset rather than headphones which shorts slightly when a 3-pole headphone socket is inserted

OR the jack socket is faulty (there's a rogue bit of solder in or around the socket causing a short or something in the bottom of it stopping full insertion of the plug

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