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Blurred Screen After Flash ICS ROM (CM9 nor MIUI)

Guest yayakuya

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Guest squee666

for UK owners who want to flash back the stock firmware is 10K for this display issue.

rooted a phone today and flashed cm9 is perfectly smooth except this issue. Too bad its funny to see a custom rm smoother and less buggy than the stock version.

Had to revert was a bugger findig right firmware flashed 5 in kdz before corrc one worked.

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Guest defiancenl

I had the same issue, however, i was not able to return to stock rom because of none of the stock roms worked, they all resulted in a bootloop...

And i also forgot to make a rom backup, so i was screwed.

I went back to the store, and lucky for me, they agreed to exchange it, even more luck i got when i heard the clerk tell me there was no l3's left in stock, and the only one he had left was the one in the display.

Wich i instantly thought, this could be one with the older display, so i took it home......

So got home, backup the rom, installed cm9, low and behold, it was all ok now, so i got one with the older display, yeahhh :)

so im now cm9 on the l3 :D

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Guest Angelcho

for everyonewho has issues with bootloop after flashing with kdz... just go into recovery, delete datavand dalvik cache and the phone should start. it worked for me

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Well this i made video...for people who just wants to help with that problem...sorry for my english accent.

And this LG LOGO IT's not inverted . so it's 100 software problem!


i have the same problem here, maybe its a diferent dislplay or grafics drivers... i think its can be extracted, if anyone help to tell me how i can do :(

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Guest Swaggzo

and the blurred screen?

Had no blurred screen issue. All i did was install another nightly... And now i have no RESTARTING/FREEZING problemS..

Seriously, the ROM storage is very annoying. I have no app stored on it but it says LOW MEMORY. I just wonder why because all my apps are on SD.

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Guest Pralayy

actuly u can solve blurred screen problem without flashing any fix blurred screen.zip...

on cm9 go to settings > performance > surface diethering > activate it... :D

well it can solve ur problem but add some sprincles (small dots) in menu windows and littel window that pops up..

I m waiting for that day when sone one create 1ghz.zip for stock rom without wifi issue.... :/

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