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[ROM][Skate] ParanoidJelly - ParanoidAndroid 2.81/CM10 - Android 4.1.2 (03/04/2013)

Guest C3C0

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ParanoidJelly - ParanoidAndroid 2.81 - Hybrid UI ROM for the ZTE Skate - Android 4.1.2 - JellyBean

This is my build of ParanoidAndroid JellyBean for Skate.

It's the descendant of my previous CM10 release - OctoJelly.

I decided to incorporate ParanoidAndroid framework since I find it

very useful regarding UI capabilities and I prefer it over plain CM10.

This version of ParanoidAndroid is the latest that's based on CM framework.

Paranoid team abandoned further development on top of CM framework and switched

to AOSP framework. I might take a look at the new development as soon as it settles down a little (still chaotic).

OctoJelly is not going to be maintained separately anymore, so please don't

ask for it. If you prefer plain CM10 UI; I predefined a "Stock UI" profile in

Paranoid preferences (Launch) which can be used to turn off Hybrid mode.

From now on, this is the ROM I am going to make further improvements to until

I move on to some new device (might happen soon).

This ROM is for advanced users not whining about all the well known problems.

Also check out the WTF-shooting section below.

Known issues

- Camera flash not working - it's unlikely to be fixed at all (at least I am not going to try anymore after couple of failed attempts)

so please, don't ask for it over and over

- Voice input - won't work on our device since it needs libs that are available for armv7 only. (VoiceInput for GoogleNow works)

Paranoid profiles

I've prepared a set of 4 preconfigured paranoid profiles which can be used to quickly switch UI type. They are accessible

via Paranoid Settings / Launch menu.

- Stock UI - use this one to turn off Hybrid mode and thus get Stock 240 DPI UI

- Optimal UI - optimal parameters for Skate's screen size - this one is pre-set as default

- Phablet UI - a bit smaller than Optimal UI - hybrid between Phone and Tablet mode

- Tablet UI - the smallest



- ROM fits on 200MB system partition including my stripped gapps package


- ROM: http://tinyw.in/sPwH (release 03/04/2013)

- Gapps: http://tinyw.in/GLkk (updated 03/04/2013)

Installation instructions (upgrade from CFX2 and OctoJelly possible without wiping data)

- Download ROM, Gapps ZIPs to your SD card

- Boot into clockworkmod

- Backup your current ROM (optional but highly recommended)

- Wipe Data / factory reset

- Wipe cache

- Advanced / Wipe dalvik cache

- Mounts & Storage / format system (just to be sure)

- install zip from SD card - choose ROM zip

- install zip from SD card - choose Gapps zip

- reboot

Upgrade instructions - without wiping data

- Use Paranoid settings to backup your Paranoid settings

- Download ROM, Gapps ZIPs to your SD card

- Boot into ClockworkMod

- Backup your current version (optional but recommended)

- Wipe cache

- Advanced / wipe dalvik cache

- Mounts&storage / format system

- install zip from SD card - choose ROM zip

- install zip from SD card - choose Gapps zip

- reboot

- Use Paranoid settings to restore your Paranoid settings

- if you experience stability problems or other undesired behaviour, go for fresh install!!!


I can't install apps from Play store. They show as incompatible. WTF??

1) Go to settings / Accounts and remove your Google account

2) Launch Play store and enter your Google account details when prompted

I am experiencing massive battery drain and data usage. WTF??

This is Google backup in effect. If you let it turned on during first phone setup

it is now trying to download/upload your phone's data from/to Google servers.

Either wait for the operation to complete or simply turn off Google backup in

Settings / Bakup and restore

I can't see some Google apps like Play store, Gmail even if I installed gapps package. WTF??

Your system partition might be too small to run this ROM. You need at least 200MB space

on system partition. Use TPT Helper app from play store to repartition phone's internal memory.

Skate_v2b layout is recommended. WARNING: TPT process completely wipes all data from internal memory.

Data on SD card remain untouched.

I am experiencing frequent reboots and/or apps force closing. WTF??

Blame aliens and go for clean install with full wipes.

I installed this ROM but neither Camera flash nor FM radio is working. WTF??

You gotta be kidding, right?

Source code

ROM: https://github.com/ParanoidZTE/android/tree/jellybean

Device tree: https://github.com/C3C0/android_device_zte_skate/tree/jellybean

Proprietaries: https://github.com/C3C0/android_vendor_zte_skate/tree/jellybean

Kernel: https://github.com/C3C0/zte_skate_35/tree/jellybean

Respect and credits go mainly to Tilal and KonstaT for doing all the dirty

work to bring JellyBean to ZTE devices and the whole androidarmv6 project team, Paranoid Android team, and all the others

involved. Special thanks to daemond for great patches solving the remaining issues (FM Radio, sound routing, HW VSYNC, video playback)

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Changelog 03/04/2013

- the final release

- Limit on number of background apps

--- set to 8 by default in build.prop (sys.mem.max_hidden_apps)

- Fixed rare graphical glitches in navbar/status bar

- Final FM Radio audio routing fixes

- Updated Effem app

- Updated gapps (new Gmail, GooglePlayServices)

--- make sure to uninstall Gmail and GooglePlayServices updates from data partition if present

- Updated SuperSU

--- make sure to uninstall SuperSU update from data partition if present

- Upgrade without wiping data possible

Changelog 19/03/2013

- Synced with CM repos

- Latest FM radio fixes (volume control works)

- Effem: new FM Radio app by daemond

--- RDS support

--- Automatic and manual search

--- Personal station list

- Updated gapps

--- uninstall updates of Gmail,PlayStore,GooglePlayServices from data partition if present

- Fixed Photo Editor crash

- upgrade without wiping data possible

Changelog 27/02/2013

- synced with CM repos

- FM Radio support - FmReceiver app is a sample CM app so don't expect any fancy UI nor features.

- Kernel: updated GPU drivers

- upgrade without data wipe possible

Thanks go to daemond for his impressive work

Changelog 25/01/2013

- Hardware VSYNC support

--- Project Butter completed (thanks to daemond)

- NavBar: fixed custom colors not being applied at startup

- StatusBar: fixed custom color not being applied at startup

- Gapps: GoogleNow Voice Search replaced with hacked one which works

- "Automatically connect" option for WiFi APs removed

--- it breaks some 3rd party apps (e.g. Tasker)

- other minor fixes

- upgrade from previous version possible

Changelog 20/01/2013

- fixed audio routing issues (thanks daemond)

--- SIP calls fixed

--- notifications routed via wired headset

- Patches for Hardware accelerated UI

--- optimize gradient textures

--- fix memory corruption in LayerRenderer::copyLayer

--- fix memory leak that happens when reusing display lists

--- fix texture corruption

- Option for low battery warning revamped

- wpa_supplicant hacked to show ad-hoc networks

- added missing GPS config (should fix GPS issues, needs testing)

- fix for potential wakelock in MediaProvider

- "Automatically connect" option for WiFi APs

- upgrade from previous version possible

Changelog 19/01/2013

- fix for videos having non-standard aspect ratio

(fixes top green bar and messed picture, thanks daemond)

- PartitionInfo: revision of SD EXT detection logic

- option to disable low battery sound

- option to completely disable low battery warning

- upgrade from previous version possible

Changelog 17/01/2013

- boostpulse support for ondemand governor

- S2E compatibility fix (mount as ext4 in settings)

- option to choose 3G policy for 2G toggle (3G/2G or 3G only)

- removed empty Settings menu item from Gallery

- option to enable/disable bootanimation

- added PartiotionInfo (Settings / Partition info)

- Hot reboot option in reboot menu

- Rotate switch option moved under Notification toggles

- upgrade from previous version possible

Changelog 10/01/2013

- synced with CM repos

- fixed graphics glitches

- fixed loading time of YouTube clips

- overall video playback improvements with HW decoding for supported types

- VSYNC fake events (should improve UI smoothness a bit)

- fixed option for "Allow purging of bitmap assets" (framework part was missing)

- added notification toggle to control display rotation

- option for rotation switch button in status bar (shows next to settings button)

- option to position Tablet Status Bar on top of the screen

- option to control individual visibility of soft keys in Tablet status bar

- options for screenshot sound and delay

- removed Paranoid wallpapers (they kind of suck)

- upgrade from previous version possible

Changelog 06/01/2013

- synced with the latest CM repos

- incorporating ParanoidAndroid framework

- OctoJelly becomes ParanoidJelly

- fixed USB/AC charging issues (blinking lights, AC charge incorrectly detected as USB)

- Trebuchet is back (replaces Nova Launcher)

- Trebuchet wallpapers stripped to reduce apk size

- CM audio files are back (CyanMessage, CyanTone, ...)


Changelog 01/01/2013

- initial release

- synced with the latest CM repos

- USB Gadget driver backported from 3.0 kernel (thanks WyalandACE and KonstaT for sharing)

- fixed Native WiFi Tethering (analogically as I earlier did for my PA CM9)

- fixed Native USB Tethering (as a result of backported USB Gadget driver)

- updated gapps


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Guest tilal6991


Great work on this. You've taken the pressure off me to release a final cfx2. :D

Would it be possible to update your repos/add patches for the things you did to get WiFi tethering working. I've seen the kernel patch and according to that there are 3 others.

Cheers and great work again :D

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I pushed my current device config to github just now.

Commit dealing with native wifi tethering is here:


Yeah and maybe one important note: check wifi FW_PATH in your device config.

It is possible you have them switched.

Correct is

WIFI_DRIVER_FW_PATH_STA := "/system/etc/fw_4319.bin"

WIFI_DRIVER_FW_PATH_AP := "/system/etc/fw_4319_apsta.bin"

Edited by C3C0
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Guest Franck Black

C3c0, Happy New Year and thank you for your work ... downloading and testing ... but coming from you, it sure is a great rom ... greetings.

In Spain there are many your followers!

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I do recommend it for daily use although you always have to expect the unexpected. ;) (this applies to all non-gingerbread ROMs)

I run it for couple of days without any major issues and video playback is fine, too.

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Guest timoti111

Hi, is there any way to get Trebuchet launcher? I love its simplicity. I know that Nova is nearly same and better but I like Trebuchet more :) .


Edited by timoti111
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Guest almera8

Hi C3CO,

Could you make a Paranaoid Build of this ROM? I really like PA.

Edit; Just saw you will be very usy in January, please no hury with this, Tilals CM10 PA is doing fine for now.

Kind regards,


Edited by almera8
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I already tried. But there's quite a chaos in ParanoidAndroid repositories. Their ParanoidPreferences app (which is closed-source) seems not to be in-line with

the latest Paranoid framework. This makes the Paranoid settings not working / unusable.

Edited by C3C0
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