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Bluetooth sucess

Guest theno1soco

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Guest theno1soco

Posted by KEZZY1965 on 03 August 2012 - 09:43 PM in ZTE Crescent - Crescent.MoDaCo.com ADB commands to remove Music2.apk & replace with Music.apk from FNC rls 6

I would like to confirm that using this method sucessfully swapped the two apk's for me.

Previously if bluetooth was switched on then the dialer was unreliable. Often either not dialing of repeat dialing among other things.

Dialer is now working as it should when bluetooth is on.

San Francisco 2 with Fish'N'Chips 7 running smoothly now.

Many thanks to raverrr for the ROM and KEZZY1965 the tweak. :)

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