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Force the tax paid UKTV stations onto Freeview and Freesat

Guest hecatae

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Guest hecatae


Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport

UKTV is half owned by BBC Worldwide, which in turn is owned by the BBC. As the BBC is paid by all owners of Television sets, Radio sets and Computers it is deplorable that UKTV is largely not available on Freesat and only five of the channels are available on Freeview.

We demand that a service that we are paying for is made available in it's entirety on the Free to Air formats of Freeview, Freeview HD, Freesat and Freesat HD.

The channels (and their HD equivalents) include the following and any future additions under the UKTV umbrella:

Alibi, Blighty, Dave, Eden, Gold, Good Food, Home, Really, Watch and Yesterday.

We also demand that these channels are immediately removed from Sky's paid subscription service and that any BSkyB action to claim compensation is immediately rejected as they knowingly and willingly entered an agreement that they knew should not have been allowed to happen.

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Guest maniac_mouse

What annoys me about freeview is the fact that people 20 miles away get about 100 tv channels+god knows how many radio stations and yet I can only receive 15 tv and 9 radio from the local transmitter, and the limited bandwidth is wasted further with +1 channels and pointless dating services rather than a larger selection. It would be nice, not to mention proper if everyone got all the available channels, or at least all the channels the public paid for.

As for this, yes the bbc should make those channels free to air across all formats, its a bloody cheek that dave is available on freeview (not for me though, see above) but not on freesat (which i can get, bah).

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