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Jelly Bean Prototype for porting

Guest bat11

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Dear members. I have an idea to port Android 4.1.1 firmware for our device. used U8500 kernel.Ne core work, or working part: the camera, some of the buttons and lights, numeric input, live wallpapers, gallery, bluetooth , lock screen, microphone, autorotate.I'm understand that all matter in the kernel, but I still can not compile it correctly.Who combile correct kernel for our device?

tomorrow the link above to add firmware to testers,thanks.

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Guest KaaMyA


I've found your U8350 Custom Rom at Youtube. LoL......

Is hard to find your projects since you speak Russian. :(

I saw there are AOKP, CM7 and MIUI ROMs (probably yours) @Huawei Belarus site for U8350 also.

Could you tell a little bit more about these works, please?

I use U8350!! :)

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