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Viewpad 10s often not booting

Guest Mettanine

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Guest Mettanine


I'm having a weird problem with my wife's Viewpad. It had HoneyIce installed for about a year without any major problems. A while ago it suddenly started to not boot on the first try. The backlight turns on for a moment and turns off again. By now it can take anywhere from 2 to 10 tries to actually get it to boot up. When it does, everything works as it should.

Anybody have the slightest idea what may be going on? I have now gone back to stock and tried a few times... Always booted on first try. After that I installed Vegacream and the problem returned immediately.

I'd be really glad for any insights that might help resolve the problem...


It seems that the tablet isn't shutting down properly. When I look into battery stats, I'll see lots of little gaps, each one corresponding to the times when I turned the tablet off. When I turn it off by holding the power button for a few seconds, the battery stats start again fresh. Which seems to suggest (to me at least...), that the shutdown is somewhat incomplete. That possible? Anything I can do to verify that? Or even better, fix.. :)



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