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Guest apometru

as the title says: is it possible to have transparent statusbar and navbar (softkeys background)? just asking. and if it is, could anyone do it or post what must be done (so i could at least try)?

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I dont know much about JB here is how it should be

First decompile SystemUI.apk with your favorite tool (apktool ,etc )

open /res/values/ there should a file drawables.xml


<item type="drawable" name="status_bar_background">#ff000000</item>

replace all the "f" by "0" so it should be like
<item type="drawable" name="status_bar_background">#00000000</item>


#00000000 - 100% transparency

#3F000000 - 75% transparency

#7F000000 - 50% transparency

#BF000000 - 25% transparency

Let me know if it works

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He can't install the cyrus rom... He has the Orgod bootloader locked version.

We must wait to see if we ca unlock it after the update to JB.

But for now we can't. If you decompile it probably it won't boot after. The Rom should also be deodexed.

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