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tools(win/linux) for flashing firmware and access internal memory

Guest bhawesh

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Guest bhawesh

problem: at the time of presssing (power on &vol+&-) button not installing the official firmware 2.3.5 present in the sd card(\dload\update.app).

its goes to the pink screen. normally it should install the official firmware(present in the sdcard) while pressing (power on and vol+&-) button.

present condition:

my ideos x5 u8800 can only enter in:

1. blue screen (default power on)

2. pink screen (power,vol+,vol-)

past condition:

1.i had upgraded it to official 2.3.5 firmware from 2.2 using (copy dload folder to sdcard and powering on with vol+&- button)

2. rooted with superoneclick

3. replaced .cust_backup/image/recovery.img with recovery.img (cwm5.0.2.7), by remount and es file explorer

4.now started with cwm to install custom rom

5. i wiped cache, system, dalvik cache, after that formatted /boot , /system,/cache,/data

6. i think after upgrade to 2.3.5 , the computer not detects as a storage device in pink screen mode

is there any tool(windows or linux) to

1.to flash firmware from computer or

2.to detect internal storage (for replacing /.cust_backup/boot.img and recovery.img)

sorry for bad english

plz help me

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Guest Koffs

Hi everyone,

Firstly let me thank anyone reading this in advance! Secondly let me extra thank anyone who helps me in advance!

I rooted my phone. Then I copied a new boot.img file into './custom_backup/image' directory and now the phone wont boot. It just keeps rebooting. I've looked through this forum but cant seem to find an answer. People with similar problems but not exactly the same.

When I go into the pink screen I cannot see the recovery image folder when I pug the USB from phone to computer.

My phone has android 2.3.5.

I cannot access the clockwork recovery mode (by holding power + vol up) it doesn't work anymore or at all?

I have Ubuntu and Xp on my computer.

When I connect phone to computer (while in the pick screen) ubuntu recognises a huwei device attached but adb does not see it. previously adb would see the device.

However when I let the phone keep rebooting endlessly there are moments when adb sees the phone. I have even opened a shell in adb on the device for a little while. but when I did I could not see any hidden directories or the './custom_backup/image' directory. I tried to push the original boot.img file over but that did not work either!

I am stuck.

If I could see the image directory while phone was in the pink screen I could copy original boot.img.

Any suggestions!


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