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Screen flickering - hardware failure?

Guest r5ingh

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So whilst preparing to flash the new CM10 based MCR, the screen on my Nexus 4 randomly started flickering. Thinking it was a franco kernel bug, I rebooted. I was surprised to see the screen flicker in recovery/bootloader and during boot sequence. I checked over at xda and there was some suggestion this is software related.. Now I've flashed CM10 MCR with a full wipe and this is what I currently have: 2z70ikx.jpg

Looks like I may be ringing around for a replacement in the morning. Anyone else experienced this? Anything I could try?


Just to mention the phone is prisitine, I've only had it a few weeks and keep it in a nilkin case, haven't dropped it or anything like that.

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Guest trishmac

Me and my phone are no longer friends :P

You know that noise and message when you have a low battery?..it's decided to have a wee 20 second ritual of doing that over and over ..even after it's plugged in . hasta la vista baby :-)

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