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Unusually high powerconsumption?

Guest The PyroPath

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Guest The PyroPath

Hi All,

Just got this nice phone yesterday because my HTC Desire HD was really done for. Everything seemed to be broken, busy breaking or wanting to break.

I bought the phone as an in betweeny. Has nice hardware and you can't beat that price for such a nice device.

After fooling around and installing my usual apps I also added my battery app of choice: Battery Monitor Widget by "3c" which also monitors the power usage in mW or mA. On my previous phone this was around 3-15 mA in standby/screen off, however on this phone it's almost always above 100 and more often in the multiple 100's than below. These numbers I would get on my former phone only with the screen on, but now even when off. This is both with 3G and 2G, WiFi on or off. anyone else get this crazy high consumption all the time? Is this a device flaw, software bug or is the monitoring software spouting BS?

I've checked Better Battery Stats to see if there was any app causing trouble, but it doesn't seem to be the problem.

Any thoughts?

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