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alcatel ot-906 firmware flash

Guest phonejack1983

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Hi everyone. I need help with my alcatel ot-906. It sometimes freezes and laggy.I already tried the factory setting, but still im having the same problem. Im thinking of re-flashing or updating my phones firmware. Can anybody help me with this.My phone is rooted already.

Here is my phones spec for reference:

Processor: Broadcom BCM2157, 500mhz

OS: Google Android 2.2.1

RAM: 256mb

kernel ver:


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Guys I already found a solution to this. Here is what i did:

I found this file on the internet. Youll have to download this file ot-906.http://www.mediafire.com/?1phq58wf0z0t19n

1.download the file ot-906.rar. save and extract the file.

2.install the broadcom usb located in your extracted file named BRCM_PC_USB_Driver.

3.make sure your phone battery is charged atleast 50%, or it wont flash.

4.connect your cable to pc, not yet to phone. remove your battery, then insert it back then plug the usb. your phone should be datected by your pc as usb to serial device. Change the usb port to comport 4.

5.now open the batch file named download_froyo_1_3_6.bat.it will begin the flashing process. wait untill it says finished or success.

6.unplug the phone.remove the battery, insert again. power the phone on. now just wait 5-10 mins before you phone completely boots up.it takes sometime to boot because your phone still configures the software.

Now your phone should work fine.

Credits to the person who found and discover this.

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Any ideea why I get this error: Echo command retur error 0x2d ? Won't pass over it... :( I already selected PORT4 , also says something about timeout. Thanks

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