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[UPE/OS]★(¯ `•.Windows Phone ® 7.8 for Toshiba Tsunagi[7.10.8835.35][Beta/Test].•´¯)★

Guest nokser

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General Informatin Windows Phone ® 7.8 [7.10.8835.35] Image System:

About Info System Windows Phone for Tsunagi:

- Windows Phone: 7.8

- Platform: Tsunagi

- BLDR Version:

- Modem: DFP-SDCAOWZM-221001-1

- Software: Windows ® Phone 7.8

- OS version: 7.10.8835.35

- Firmware revision number: 7.10.8835.35

- Hardware revision number: 112.576.2.0

- Radio software version:

- Radio hardware version:

- Bootloader version:

- Chip SOC version:

- Language: en-US

About Info Supported Devices:

-Toshiba Tsunagi TG01

-Toshiba Tsunagi T01A (Docomo)

-Toshiba Tsunagi X02T (SoftBank)

Add Oem/Dev. Packages:








Still Not Re-install New Driver:




This is a first release ROM/Beta Test - If You don't know How, then no update this System.

Release example, for testing and have fun. At this moment, not for everydey use, etc...

Download System Image Windows Phone:



--Wifi work - done.

--Add Options - Run Download Mode, from position WP Desktop

(Press and Hold: Volume UP+Down keys)

--Correct Red Scrap. Screen

--Add New BootLogo Image by LeSscro

--SMS Del./Send(0/+4x/etc) - not work.

--Sensor/Camera/NullPDD/Capture Drivers - not work.

--Read MP4/etc - not work.

Copyright © 2012 UPE Product by Nokser

All Right Reserved.

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